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    Respective Tomorrow 4P - 15'56 No PB @Berry - Lv200 FOnewearl @Ryuko - Lv200 HUcaseal @Zero 641 - Lv197 HUcast @HiFoo - Lv197 HUcast
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    So I had 2 crates drop on the second run through the quest, which made me super happy. But then me and the person with me both died before i could even try to grab the second one. That red box over there became the perfect example of how I felt when I opened the box and got a PC.
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    Sounds good. I'll shoot you a PM later.
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    Hell's activation rate on Gungnir is reduced to 1/2. So instead of starting out with a base activation rate of 93%, it's reduced to 46.5% (rounded down to 46% since PSO rounds down decimals I'm pretty sure). Any enemy with 46 EDK or higher will have a 0% chance of being Hell'd. Not worth 2 DT's. Sorry, friend.
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    i wanna take them all for 7 pds let me know when you can trade