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  1. Berry's Trade List

    Hello, thanks for checking. My timezone is GMT -10. The quickest way to reach me is my discord - DiscoGreninjaFrog#3531 It has been quite some time since I've been here, my knowledge is pretty rough on pricing as I researched as much as I can on here. Feel free to make appropriate offers. Main currency accepted: Photon Drops (PD) | Donation Tokens (DT) | Photon Token (PT) | Photon Sphere (PS) DT - 1:10PD PT - 1:5 PD PS - 1:99 PD Weapons Armor Shields/Barriers Units Misc. (Items/Mags/Tools) 1PD Items
  2. Destiny v0.6.9

    Very nice updates. The Section ID room changes are very welcomed and it's nice to see that Kondy got fixed with some of it's drops, I always wondered why some drops like Clio never seemed to appear with such a rate.
  3. S/T> 80hit Samba Maracas

    very good wepon reply with offers wants: DTs PDs PS's 50+h Yasminkov 9000m
  4. Show your screenshots

    How it feels to chew 5 gum and a 4p WOI clear with no deaths. Pretty cool.
  5. Trials of dw

    In regards to the different character rule, do they have to be from the same account? Considering this server currently only supports 4 character slots on each accounts (as far as I'm aware) and some of us may choose to have multiple accounts to hold more characters to play with.
  6. Show your screenshots

    Was doing some TTF runs with peeps and I took a screen at falz death since he died above player level, I captured some blur into it and it actually kind of makes the picture look a little nice imo some other random tidbits:
  7. Show your screenshots

    falz decided to leave me yet another gift. Seems like it's always just the impromtu ttf runs for drops
  8. title. Feel free to post an offer to me to what you think these items are worth but here's the base payment I will give for them: Dragon Scale - 3pds Black Hound Curiass (any stat/slot) - 4pds
  9. close

    alright, well I can agree to that.
  10. close

    Will 6 pds be good enough? I can offer more of s-reds if you want.
  11. Berry's Shop

    another bump. More items added and priced. Feel free to suggest any offer though
  12. Berry's Shop

    a small shop thread for small weird things I don't need. PM me or post here if an item does not have a price, please leave an offer or pm me to work out a price together. Gush Needle 20/40/0/20 - 5DTs Daylight Scar 0/25/0/0/45 - 5DTs Lavis Cannon 0/0/30/0 - 5PDs S-Rank Slicer (Demons) - 12 DTs Desert Eagle 0/0/40/40 - 10DTs Charge Launcher x5 0/5/0/0/50 - 1pd each Silence Claw 0/40/0/35/50 - 2pd Congeal Cloak 4slot minstat - 4pds Guard Wave x2 4slot minstat - 3pds BOVN 3slot minstat - 3pds Secret Gear - 2pds Tripolic Reflector - 4pds Attribute Wall - 1pd Striker Plus - 1pd Yata Mirror - 1pd DIVINE PROTECTION - 2pds v501 - 2pds TP/Flow - 5DTs S-beat's Arms x3 - 1pd each P-Arm's Blade - 1pd Delsaber Right+Left Arm x2 - 2pd each Parts of Baranz x2 - 3pds each Star Amplifier x2 - 2pds each Heaven Striker Coat - 1pd Rappy's Beak - 1pd --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have these spamming my bank. They're free, just ask. First come, first serve. Charge Gatling x20 5/0/0/0/50 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accepted currencies: PDs DTs = 1:9pds PCs = 3:1 pds PSs = 1:80 Pds Wants: Red Ring D-Photon Core Three Seals Elemental Shield Cursed Cloak 4slot hit% Master Raven Dark Matter Adept
  13. close

    Would you sell the s-reds for PDs or no?
  14. Yep. Another topic because I'm only accepting two forms of payment for these: Photon Crystals, or DTs if you really want to. Grave Digger 25/0/50/0 - 30 PC / 3 DTs Grave Digger 0/0/25/0 - 20 PC / 2DTs Grave Digger 0/0/0/20 - 20 PC / 2DTs
  15. Show your screenshots

    Quite the time I must say
  16. Daily Quest: Item Crate

    Gush Needle seems to be a crate-exclusive at the moment, it seems as well. Something to note I guess. Merc. Rod, Lavis Cannon, Liberta Kits, Excalibur, and Proof of Sonic Team were recent confirmed drops. I suspect most, if not all the uber-tier weapons are included in Legendary crates
  17. Show your screenshots

    gotta give shoutouts to NDW, Bee, and Ryudo for the CoE HH hunt to bring this dank drop it was quite the doozy
  18. Berry's Shop

    bump. Converted this into a small-time shop now.
  19. Show your screenshots

    Wow, that's a really insane Zerk Arms stats. Nice one. This is like my 3rd c/battle drop but I thought that getting it from falz feels more special then getting it from tower
  20. T>TP/Flow for certain Mag Cells

    I'm far more interested in making new mags for alt characters, so if you'd like to have this unit for one or two of the following mag cells: A New Friend Dragon's Tear Heart of Dark Chao Pandora's Box D-Photon Core Liberta Kit x2 then feel free to let me know or pm me. Feel free to post any other offer though if you feel like you got something worth.
  21. Weekend Mini Event

    So this timed-exclusive quest, the materials will be any random one from the game? And is it rewarded on completion?
  22. T> 45h Sealed J-Sword (closed)

    Has been traded away.
  23. S/T > Desert Eagle

    stats: 0/35/0/45 wants: Last Swan min 10% hit v802 DTs PCs feel free to place any offer though!
  24. B>stuff

    I have a 35ab 45dark Desert Eagle for trade. What can ya offer?
  25. T> Genesis armor (CLOSED)

    Item has been traded, thank you!