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  1. Show your screenshots

    So I had 2 crates drop on the second run through the quest, which made me super happy. But then me and the person with me both died before i could even try to grab the second one. That red box over there became the perfect example of how I felt when I opened the box and got a PC.
  2. What anime are you all watching?

    NGE is a classic, but harder to get into for people who are more new to anime. Tokyo Ghoul had an amazing OST, however the anime itself was butchered. The manga is where it's at. SAO was rushed and got a lot of flak for that, however the novels are nice and I suggest reading them. Maybe they wont completely butcher the anime adaptation of Alicization, because it's probably the best arc out of them all.
  3. Daily Quest: Item Crate

    I've gotten From The Depths, Spread Needle, Photon Sphere, Addslot, and Photon Drop from the Legendary Crates so far. From the Normal-Vhard crates, i've only opened 1, and it gave me a Frozen Shooter.
  4. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 170 mins
  5. Destiny v0.6.7 patchnotes

    Hell yeah, just what I was waiting for.
  6. hi

    gift my mag plis
  7. What anime are you all watching?

    Iron-Blooded Orphans was really good aside from the ending imo. Berserk kinda grows on you after a while, even if it is a horrible adaptation with shitty CGI. Jojo is still going, and GTO is amazing. I read manga way more than I watch anime but I’ve still been keeping up with the popular stuff for the most part.
  8. Show your screenshots

    Second legendary crate
  9. What anime are you all watching?

    Currently finishing up Made in Abyss, and watching Fate/Apocrypha as it releases this season.
  10. Destiny v0.6.6 patchnotes

    Always nice seeing numbers posted in updates, reminds me of WoW patch notes.
  11. Show your screenshots

    First legendary crate I got, pretty happy with the reward
  12. Ya boi Oswald

    What's good my dudes. Y'all can call me Oswald. I've played PSO for a few years before college and other games got in the way. Now I'm in the military so I don't hop on often but when I do its for hours at a time. Feel free to chat with me on the forums/in game. I'm certain some people will recognize me from other servers lmao