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  1. Issue with Launcher

    It's your firewall/malware protection. PSO gets flagged. You'll have to turn off your antivirus.
  2. Show your screenshots

    Friend got the banner. I missed it lol.
  3. Domo's Dreams & Desires

    For sure, just let me know when you are online.
  4. Looking to join a team

    Hahaha that four force party was pretty great. We'll have to run some more in the future
  5. Looking to join a team

    Still looking for someone to play with! I've edited the first post to reflect what kind of player we're looking to join our party.
  6. Domo's Dreams & Desires

    Sure. When are you available?
  7. Domo's Dreams & Desires

    Put down prices.
  8. Looking to join a team

    As the title states...Looking to join an active team!
  9. Domo's Dreams & Desires