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Hello all,

Welcome to.............

Special thanks to @Shiva for the banner. :D 

This will be a fun Disney themed mini event.

In this event you guys have to make a Disney symbol chat in game.
Make a screenshot from it and post it in this thread.

Rules are verry simple:

  1. Disney theme only (so any disney related symbol chat is allowed).
  2. You can only post 1 symbol chat.
  3. You can update your symbol chat by editing your post. You can't post new ones.
  4. You can't edit after the end date. Everything edited after end date is disqualified.
  5. No inappropriate content.
  6. Have fun.

If you are not keeping on the rules you will be disqualified and can't participate again.

The best 3 Wins good prizes,

Prizes will be 
1st       D-VIRUS ARMOR  ajiponz5914
2nd      DARK MATTER  Mr Snow
3rd       S-RANK With special and name  Lucapy

This event will end on 19-05-2018 at 4 pm GMT+2 = 2 pm UTC = 9 am EST = 11 pm JST(Japan). 

I hope you guys have fun :D

Good luck :P 

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This event has now ended, tonight we are announcing the winners in this topic stay tuned :D 

Thanks to all who participated in this event.

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It wasn't easy but the winners are chosen 

First place @ajiponz5914 with Olaf !!!!


Second place @Mr Snows with Bill Cipher !!!!


Third place @Lucapy with Disney Castle !!!!


Congratulations to all the winners! You will get a PM to receive your prize.

And a big thanks to everyone that participated. You all made some really awesome symbol chats, and it was really hard for us to pick winners.

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