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EASTER EVENT 2021: Chaotic Casino

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Sorry for late replyto this event, i wanted to chek it all out before saying anything.  Wow, this is fun, farming easter eggs, I never seen a theme change this different, very inspiring and creative.  Shiva, thank you so much for all your work on this event, and Magic, the delay on the event was a good thing because the anticipation grew 10 fold.  Honestly, 20 years of repetitive gameplay and im still being blown away with all the additions and little details you have all added to this server.  This is sincerely the best... the best server with the best community hands down!


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Thank you Destiny Staff Team for this event! I love how in a Sonic game 1 ring saves your life, but here within the chaotic casino , 1 ring from Baranze = RIP ( Rest In Peace ) lol

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