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  1. Im not living impaired.  I will be back ^-^

    And for future reference, snozberries DO NOT taste like snozberries.  They don't exist. And the closest thing i can relate to snoz is snot... which i have never eaten... ... ................... <_< >_> <_< >_> and my farts smell like roses, and i have never lied before ever... ... ... ... ... roses smell like poo.

  2. If you can change a frown into a smile even in the darkest of your moments, you can change the world, one frown at a time.

  3. So far after 30 Easter Eggs: Sonic Knuckle, Wok of Akiko's Shop, Rocket Punch, Drill Launcher, Marina's Bag and Panther's Claw. 0% on all status.  Ill update if there is anything else.

  4. EASTER EVENT 2021: Chaotic Casino

    Sorry for late replyto this event, i wanted to chek it all out before saying anything. Wow, this is fun, farming easter eggs, I never seen a theme change this different, very inspiring and creative. Shiva, thank you so much for all your work on this event, and Magic, the delay on the event was a good thing because the anticipation grew 10 fold. Honestly, 20 years of repetitive gameplay and im still being blown away with all the additions and little details you have all added to this server. This is sincerely the best... the best server with the best community hands down!
  5. Happy Birthday bud, may your new year bring you and your family good fortune and the awareness that you can surpass any trivialities life may throw at you.

    1. Magictrick


      Thanks man, that good fortune actually will come in handy lmao


    I've purchased a 4 mags, and they were done fast, faster than i expected. I couldn't ask for better service. Friendly and patient. Not many would sit down and create mags, its rather tedious, so your service is appreciated and i will be purchasing many many more. Thank you very much.
  7. First come, first served!

  8. Kulden's Odd Jobs/Gift Shop

    Edit: if i don't have whats on the list for whatever reason, i will find one for you, or find someone who has one to give. ill pay for it for my mistake.
  9. Kulden's Odd Jobs/Gift Shop

    Edited my buy/sell thread to something different, bumping this so people can see since editing this note hasn't shown up on the side.
  10. Weekend Mini Event

    Thank you for the event, got alot accomplished from this. ^-^
  11. umm... Hi. Im Sorry...

    I appreciate that, and your patience, i kept getting disconnected... So.r... ... my apolo... *sigh*... *makes an apologitic face...* Im not sure what the Hunter's Association is but ill take that as a compliment, thank you I would join the team. If they notice and see that i would be beneficial for what they represent, then absolutely. Until then, ill just wait for the sorting hat... haha? <(-_-)> If not, ill make a team called Odd Jobs consisting of me, myself and i, and anyone else that just wants in will not be denied. I will wait until i have a hoard of everything before i create it though, so i will be throwing donation tokens at all of you for your "junk" in access every 2 weeks. One person's junk is another's treasure as they say... of course the person who said that is no longer living so i don't know if thats still applicable considering most things made nowadays is disposable and not meant to last, but im not gonna rant or get kuldisophical... You will know what i mean...
  12. Kulden's Odd Jobs/Gift Shop

    Grand Opening 2021-03-27 Odd Jobs is open Odd Jobs, i put this in the marketplace because of the things i have to offer, but i will not charge you anything. All i ask is that you pay it forward. Im Kulden, i love to farm, doesn't matter if its for useful things or things people consider useless, thats all a matter of perspective. If you want something farmed and are busy with real life or busy helping other people, or farming something that rarely drops, just ask me. I would certainly love to help, just for the experience, doesnt matter what the job is. I will list off the things i can do for people as i unlock them, things like farming items for particular id's, changing monster parts, making mags, slotting armor, hunting rares, materials, grinders, leveling up, Daily Quest's, etc. I will also list off what i have. If you need something, just ask. And again, i won't charge anything, all i ask is please don't be dishonest, and if you have an opportunity that doesn't leave you down and out, pay it forward. Units 2x Centurion/Power 1x Heavenly/Luck 1x Heavenly/Legs 1x V801 2x V501 2x God/Battle 1x Devil Technique Disks Anti Lv 5 x5 Resta Lv 15 x 3 Grants Lv 15 Grants lv 16 Megid Lv 16 Resta Lv 16 Resta Lv 18 x 3 Deband Lv 18 Shifta Lv 19 Resta Lv 19 Resta Lv 20 Resta Lv 21 x2 Grants Lv 22 Resta Lv 22 Megid Lv 24 Resta Lv 24 Shifta Lv24 Resta Lv 26 Resta Lv 30 Materials 23x Power Materials 59x Mind Materials 108x Evade Materials 18x HP Materials 98x Defense Materials 2x Luck Materials Animal Parts 1x Sorcerer's Right Arm 4x S-Beat's Arms 1x P-arm's Arms 21x Dessaber's Right Arm 4x Delsaber's Left Arm 8x S-red's Arms 8x Dragon's Claw 4x Hildebear's Head 4x Hildeblue's Head 1x Belra's Right Arm 8x Gi Gue's Body 1x Sinow Berill's Arms 10x Grass Assassin's Arms 10x Booma's Right Arm 4x Gobooma's Right Arm 2x Gigobooma's Right Arm 5x Rappy's Wing Special Items 2x Magic Stone "Iritista" 22x magic rock "Moola" 7x Star Amplifier 2x Parts of Egg Blaster 34x AddSlot 75x Flower Bouquet Mag Cells 1x Heart of Angel 1x Heart of Devil 1x Panther's Spirit 6x Heaven Striker Coat 2x Ideya Cell 2x A New Friend 2x Pandora's Box 13x Dragon Tear Kaladbolg 0/0/0/25/0 Kaladbolg 0/0/35/0/0 Galatine 0/35/0/0/0 Galatine 0/40/0/0/0 Dragon Slayer 0/0/20/0/25 Dragon Slayer +17 15/0/0/0/20 Cross Scar 0/0/20/0/20 Cross Scar 40/0/0/25/20 Cross Scar 15/0/0/0/35 Cross Scar 30/0/30/0/20 Diska of Liberator 35/0/0/0/25 Diska of Braveman 0/20/0/0/25 Diska of Braveman 30/0/30/0/30 Diska of Braveman 0/30/0/0/30 Diska of Braveman 35/0/0/0/30 L&K14 Combat 60/0/0/35/0 L&K14 Combat 0/0/5/0/20 Stag Cutlery 0/15/20/0/0 Stag Cutlery 0/0/35/0/0 Soul Banish 0/0/0/20/0 Holy Ray 30/0/20/0/0 Inferno Bazooka 20/0/25/0/0 Lavis Cannon 0/0/35/0/0 Lavis Cannon 0/0/0/30/0 Red Saber 20/25/35/0/0 Red Saber 20/0/0/0/20 Red Saber 0/10/15/0/0 Monkey King Bar 30/20/15/0/0 Girasole 0/35/0/0/35 Red Sword 0/25/0/15/0 Red Partisan 15/0/0/0/0 Red Slicer 0/0/235/0/0 Red Handgun 15/5/20/0/0 Red Handgun 15/25/0/10/0 Frozen Shooter 0/30/0/0/0 Twin Psychogun 20/0/0/0/0 Yamato 0/0/25/0/0 Guilty Light 0/0/40/0/25 Red Scorpio 0/50/0/0/0 Flowen's Sword 20/30/0/0/0 Demolotion Comet 0/0/30/0/0 Demolition Comet 10/25/25/0/0 Demolition Comet 30/0/20/0/0 Demolition Comet 35/0/0/20/0 Demolition Comet 0/0/0/35/0 Hell Striker 0/0/0/0/0 Daylight Scar 0/0/25/20/0 Armor Custom Frame Ver .00 Slot-0 6/3 Guard Wave Slot-0 19/12 Sacred Cloth Slot-0 0/4 Star Cuirass Slot-0 0/0 Star Cuirass Slot-0 0/0 Tempest Cloak Slot-0 0/0 Tempest Cloak Slot-0 0/8 Alliance Uniform Slot-0 10/0 Alliance Uniform Slot-0 10/0 X-Parts ver3.10 Slot-0 Shields DB's Shield 0/0 Striker Plus 0/0 Energy Storm Edit: if i don't have whats on the list for whatever reason, i will find one for you, or find someone who has one to give. ill pay for it for my mistake. This will be updated frequently as i add and give things, if i don't get it updated before the list changes and you need that item, i will do what i can to get it for you. In case im not on as Kulden, my other chars are: Culden, Zyria, Pentagoth
  13. umm... Hi. Im Sorry...

    I mean im Kulden... I was gonna break the ice by telling you all a joke about time travel... but none of you liked it, so that saves me time. For future reference, i apologise all the time, I AM CANADIAN... ... ... sorry. I started 2 days ago on this server, so im a noob to alot of the online content, but i have been playing PSO since version 1 on dreamcast when it first came out. So technically, im a veteran noob. I play guitar, i will get discord, would be great to be able to talk while playing instead of stopping to type. With that said, when im actually playing, i dont talk much unless its relevant, i cant seem to do both at the same time without fully stopping... i was notorious for that on world of warcraft. Ill be honest, you have some amazing people on this server, just the people alone make this server worth playing. Not to mention some of the quests, i've never seen anything like it, i was completely blown away. On top of that, a few people went out of their way to make me feel welcome, even though im not as fast as you guys yet, your patience is very much appreciated. I know you guys have most of the stuff you need, but im used to being the "Farmer" of whatever guild im in, i love to grind, collect, then just give it away to people... so after you few people gave me weapons ive never aquired in my 18 years of playing this game... WOW, SERIOUSLY?! 18 years is a long time trying to hunt those real rares, and all of a sudden, they are all in my possession, and i can enjoy them all! Thank you isnt strong enough, so even though you may not want to accept, i will try to offer, or somehow help out. Perspective and concept are huge, wether it be in-game or in real life, so even if my apology seems unnecessary, it is ^-^ Its a pleasure to be here, i will meet more of you ingame, i do apologise for being a bit awkward. ...wow i rant...