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Status Updates posted by VEL(JP)

  1. great fail :(


  2. Please read in-game/forum rules carefully if you haven't read it yet.


    We treat players as they've read rules already. In other word, 'i didn't know rules, sorry' won't be a reason to evade any punishment. (Staffs can check any suspicious movements easily.)

    In worst case, you'll lose your in-game items or even your account. could be without warning if you abused enough.

    Thanks for understanding! :)

  3. if anyone gonna ask for 1st-time redeem to me, check 'About Me' tab in my page, thanks. https://playpso.net/forums/profile/481-vel/?tab=field_core_pfield_1

    1. Lipelis


      Since I also completed that section recently, I just noticed that About Me section is not available to other users...

      For example your link redirect to your regular profile page : l

    2. VEL(JP)


      oh, didn't notice that :( thanks lip.

  4. B>Lavis H90+ I'll pay WELL

  5. S>TypeM Hell shot H30 for 40PDs,Hell Striker H35*2 for 30PDs each

  6. looking for players whos wanting to farm TP mats in Xmas Cata. M% Dark Meteor is required.

  7. S>Demon wing 0/0 *4 / 90PDs each

    1. Howitzer


      10% discount :o kusa

    2. VEL(JP)


      no one is buyin wings sadly 33-4

  8. S>Spread needle 0/0/0/0/60 and 35/0/25/0/40, IGR 0/0/0/40 for 50PDs

  9. S>Yas7kV 70/60/0/0/70[hell] for 10DTs, IGR 0/0/0/40 for 60PDs

  10. Need to learn about enemies a lot. mainly EP4 mobs for more fun :) also added some samples in my quest page.

  11. S>COMBUSTION 0/40/35/0/40 for 70PDs

  12. still in progress i think? :o

    Walking through Flame 14'34



    ramarl gear.png

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    2. VEL(JP)


      thanks :)

      we are still aiming for better time haha

    3. Mystery


      Well you guys are OP so don't worry you will get your better time :D

    4. Piv
  13. B>H90+ Froozen/Lavis/Egg Blaster :D

    1. Mystery


      Good luck finding this :D 

    2. VEL(JP)
  14. goal will be 14:1x (Walking through Flame) still in progress :|

    Quest : Walking through Flames

    Player : Rei. (RAmarl) @VEL ,  Erika (RAcast) @Alt , topu (HUcaseal) @topu, Guren (HUcast) @Gurenren

    Time : 15:04


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    2. Piv


      I would love to see a video of a run one day :D Always looking to improve my ranger skills haha

    3. VEL(JP)


      if we can get death-less run (a.k.a goal time) vid will come, for now, we only have vid of shitty runs :/

    4. Piv
  15. B>x3 H/Resists, i can pay in DTsPTs, PM me with your price.

  16. B>Heavenly/Resist x3~4 will pay well, Pm me.

  17. S>Ceestial Fusion 0/50/50/0/50 and 0/0/0/100/50 : 20DTs (or 198PDs or 40PTs) each

  18. T>Cryo Warhead for Wings of Life