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    While one could consider me the mastermind behind Destiny, it would never have existed without the efforts of @Shiva and @Mylandra behind the scenes. But their contribution is mostly in the background, which is probably why you don't run into them as much as the rest of the staff. Either way, thanks so much for the kind words! I'm happy you're enjoying our vision of pso as much as we do!
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    Ive been here about a month now and I agree with everything u just said. The custom gear and Daily Crates are great. Infinite Mag feed is awesome. It very nice to see a GM everyday or almost everyday. On other server I might not see any staff for months straight. Happy hour is way better on rotation than just random also. Putting top items on donation list is also a key thing. A lot of good things have been done here.
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    Baranz Launcher 100 hit, 90 dark from Daily Crate.
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    I just want to take this time to say since coming here to Destiny community August of 2019, its been amazing! I been off and on here but now I'm back and been on the server heavy, playing with cool friends and hunting great items. A few things I love about the server is the people in this community are very nice, the gear here is amazing and it's a lot of weapons to use besides depending on dark weapons to be skilled or a great player, and the staff here are so helpful. The staff is always active on the server 24/7 and always here to help in whatever we need from redeeming DTS to just answering general questions about the server. I want to acknowledge and give thanks to @Sabrina @VEL @Orgodemirk @Shisui and the mastermind behind it all @Magictrick for making an amazing server foe everybody that still has that nostalgia for PSO. The GM's has always been helpful to me for whenever I needed redeem DTS especially @Sabrina @VEL @Orgodemirk they always helped me when I needed them for anything. This is has been an amazing experience on this server and playing with friends that I knew from other servers is amazing! I'm proud to say that this is my new home, new community and I plan on being here for a long time. I'm grateful to find this server and playing with amazing people that want to hunt and have fun. Thank you Destiny for having me here Oh and if I forgot to mention anyone please don't be mad at me
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    Sefa My new favorite DJ man i love his music <3
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    Some really nice transitions there. Initial buildup is beautiful I found my old Creamfield albums in a drawer at the weekend so been on a late 90s/early 00s dance trip. This combined with coming back to PSO is giving me the MAX NOSTALGIA FEELZ
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    Dorphons-eye view. Here we see Hopkins getting into trouble as usual...