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    Now i know what you guys are thinking.. "Wow 3 community events, this guy is awesome"... (Just pretend you're thinking that okay?).. BUT! yes im back with another community event. Now like the title suggests, i will be hosting a Fancy Costume competition. So the idea is, you will take your character and dress them up to look like a fictional character from a movie, tv show, videogame and so on. Yes i am aware that PSO doesn't have too much to offer when it comes to doing this but im confident all of you have the smarts to come up with something awesome! (Maybe not Matticus, but we will see hehehe).. You can use weapons, mags, armours, shields and well... yeah thats it. At the end of the day its not the worlds best idea but hey! Its a bit of fun and we can have a laugh. So i sincerly hope as many people take part in this as possible But now.. onto the thing you people are here for... Prizes. Yeah i see you Legion team... Licking your lips at thought of getting prizes. So for 1st Place.. A Robotnic's Plan B.. For 2nd Place.. A beautiful Pair of Demon Wings.. For 3rd Place.. A State Maintance.. Competition will end Febuary 18th 2020 Goodluck Post screenshots of your chars here and who they are supposed to be so i can judge them and cry over how beast all your characters look compare to mine... 😂
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    a small update to ill gill reaper and lck 38 (thanks orgo for the data) the rest is coming soon
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    Hello, I'm looking to buy the following items: Deband level 20. Christmas Spirit. Eternal Night. Paying with Photon Tokens/Drops. Hit me up with a PM or here if you would like to sell. Thank you.
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    Destiny v0.6.13 Game Material drop ratios have been leveled. What this means is that, unlike before, power/HP/mind/defense/evade materials now drop evenly. There’s the same chance of getting a power material vs getting a mind material, for example. Luck and TP material rates are untouched. Randomly found materials can now drop in stacks of up to 3 materials per stack/drop. Doesn’t affect farmable materials. Fixed an issue with wrong “display” of possible daily crate items due to lag. Now the “displayed” picked item and actual received item should always match. Added banners for Handgun:Milla and Lavis Cannon. Items Added Ultimate Double Cannon sound. Updated Star Eulogy name and description. Gal Wind HP drain reduced from 7% to 5%. This means using this item to trigger mag invincibility is no longer possible. Grinders, Addslots and Materials now stack to 250 instead of 99. Fixed a texture issue sometimes happening with Chao/Dark Chao and Naga/Twin Wraith. Judgement Blade ATA increased from 35 to 65. Updated Twin Wraith texture. It’s now HD, and matte instead of glossy. Changes are live.