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    Collaborative Weapon, Gear and Class Build Guide End of 2020 Revision Welcome to Collaborative Weapon, Gear and Class Build Guide End of 2020 Revision ! This guide's revision purpose is to help new and returning players, but also current playerbase as well to discover Destiny PSo BB present optimal, alternative and past gear strategies/possibilities. It focus in a later part on possible builds for the various classes available. It is based upon my personal experience with the game. I've been hooked in PSO around 2004 on Gamecube and since 2006 in different privates servers with hiatus between them. Destiny PSo BB is for me the best experience and most enjoyable you can get from every aspect of the Endgame. Let's proceed : First of all, this guide is non exaustive and can be corrected/completed by the community. Thanks to @Orgodemirk , @Piv , @Howitzer @Lipelis @VEL(JP) for their contribution Also an important point is that in this server : Weapons DO NOT Need a lot of Hit % to connect its special. From my personal observations around 270-300- to 330 total ATA is generally good enough to connect on most enemies, even less with Weapons which bypass manual evade proprieties. Please use the Database at https://playpso.net/database?type=1 For full descriptions and stats for each item within the game. You can also use Ctrl+F in your browser if you search a specific weapon This guide includes my personal comment and % choice that I think suits the weapons the best, About % choice : A.Beast % is rarely prioritized. because A Beast covers Caves a place rarely visited in Endgame aside from specific hunts, Merillia, Doldolm (weak to Hell), Astark and Slimes. There is also the fact that some people might prioritize this particular % for Bosses but In my opinion if your goal isn't time attack it shouldn't take that spot or your should aim for a set of the chosen weapon. Because its clearly not optimal its like using a % slot for 3 A.Beast boss which you don't require 99% of the time instead of Machine or Native enemies which you'll meet way more in quests. Hunter: Exclusive addition to the server: Dark Flow It is combo unlocked here. under 12.5% HP its special attack will launch a wave which do not produce DMC (Damage Cancel) and exclusively here, the sword swings will produce damage as well giving you a risk/reward strategy if you decide to get close. please note that the blast can ignites traps too. The original requirement of under 12.5% was long to require in the past usually a Lavis Blade was used to achieve that. But we have Ultimate Double Cannon which gets your Hp directly under 12.5 % under a full combo. See under This is one of the few weapon ingame where a full weapon Set is heavily recommended either pick Native Dark Hit/A Beast Machine Hit, or Native A Beast Hit / Machine Dark Hit. depending of your preferences. Master Raven Master Raven is combo unlocked on this server and its stats is based on Last Swan Its definitely a staple in Hucast/Humar and handy in a variety of situation the special isn't relevant so you don't require much Hit % Prioritize Dark % and Hit the 3rd one can be either Native or Machine Ultimate Double Cannon/Lavis Storm/Double Fury Ultimate Double Cannon made from the combination of Dark Matter and Double Cannon. Lavis Storm/Double Fury are made from the combination of UDC and Orb of Illusion depending on the hunter class which uses it. The special attack unleash a cone of damage with mechgun range in front of its wielder in exchange of life consumed at the start of each attack. It has also capabilities with a full combo to drain your HP under 12.5% which make an effective synergy with Dark Flow Ultimate Double Cannon (UDC) Can be used in a lot of situations, casual cleaning also including distant spawns, Towers to get rid of Meri-types enemies and most Bosses It also has a lot of spam possibilities with the high MST of Hunewearl Good Against Sil Dragon Da Ral Lie Vol Opt 2 Dark Falz 3 Optimal (in conjonction with Dark Flow) against All Episode 2 bosses. Against the bosses of EP4 % wise I recommend Dark and Machine, Dark is obvious for quests with massive monster counts which takes place in ruins. A set is possible if your inventory can carry it yet not vital yet the most important one is Dark Machine first. Stormrender A double saber with an unique special of long -range attack with handgun range. consuming a little HP when using the special. It shares the unique proprieties of Christmas Spirit and Last Emperor (bypassing enemies manual evade) (usually manual evade is when a monster is moving making them harder to hit in motion) Also when the special is used the blade still swings making it a weapon of choice for Lizards of Ep4 or Zu's and Also Falz 2 and 3 is very affected by it The class that benefits the most of it is Hucast/Hucaseal but Its great in any if you don't have Last Emperors on Humans Imo Please note that some ennemies may not be hit by stormrender special depending on their vertical hitbox and that the special doesn't hit 3 x ennemies at once % Preferred Hit Native Dark (If you do not own Christmas Spirit (Machine/Dark if so. Christmas Spirit A formidable weapon hands down. Design-wise (Gatling gun shooting candy). It has unique attack proprieties that bypass enemies manual evade (usually manual evade is when a monster is moving making them harder to hit in motion) Its Special attack is Spirit which is Lethal in Human Hunter/Ranger wielding it especially Humar which has the most attack of the Human hunter. It's deadly against the annoying Zu's and optimal as human for Falz form 3 or anything with lots of HP % Preferred Native Dark Hit You could even think about using a set, mostly if you're using Fomarl for its insane animation speed or any Human if you got room in Inventory (UPDATE) Since Last Rebalance Christmas Spirit is useable by Force despire the animation seems a little worse on Fomar but now Force can with efficienty deal with Long Range Zu's and Falz 3 Form which is a great welcome change. Rathalos Greatsword A unique Sword that produces explosion in contact with enemies bodies, walls AND Traps Making it a weapon of choice for Hucast/Hucaseal the blast radius and the fact that the enemies receives both the swings and explosion without any risk taken from the wielder makes this Hard Hunt weapon especially worth it. It compete with Dark Flow as the best Sword except that Rathalos is always safe because you can use the special at full HP As for % for your first one it should be at least Dark with a few hit. but note that Lizards can block your RS explosions. A Set can be also be envisaged if you're aiming for TA and if you have the spot in your Inventory Nightmare Since last rebalance update Nightmare features now a wave similar to Dark Flow which inflict Hell to groups of enemies (which appears to be the same enhanced hell as Ill Gill Reaper in my testing or maybe a bit weaker) It's regular sword swing is imbued with hell as well. also it has Infinite vertical range allowing you to snipe Recobox attached to the ceiling above your head when you enter a room in Seabed. Definitely a great addition to hunter Eternal Night Dagger 3 Targets + Charge..(It's gonna be a massacre) x) Do I need to say more? it decimates enemies at the cost of basically nothing. You still need a little hit to make it connect its second attack often though % wise Dark and Native is OP as Twin Cyclone covers already Machine and Dark Its also optimal in Falz 2 Casts is by far the most best choice Hucasts Highest Dmg Vs Hucaseal Unique best Animation for daggers Its also noteworthy to say its pretty good on all hunters since the Last Emperor rebalance Twin Cyclone Uses the freeze-bomb special from Frozen Shooter for daggers with mechgun range and 3 targets. It redefined the gameplay for Hunter Redefined! Humans can now effectively freeze problematic monsters while casts consumes less Freeze Traps Also please note that machine is immune to paralysis and Twin Cyclone is Imo the most effective way to deal with them (Im thinking at you Sinows from EP2 and Baranz). But also deals with Dark and/or problematic enemies just as fine, Belras, Bringers , Delbiters, Meri-type. and Goran type more effectively than paralysis because paralysis can stuck Goran into their teleportation animation which does not happen with Twin Cyclone % choice is obviously Machine, Dark Hit Judgment Blade Its very good on Humar and Hunewearl. being able to Multi demon and kill on 3rd combo is very practical. For % Choice you definitely want to get some hit to be able to demon on 1st or 2nd combo after that Dark may be the most necessary % and finally I guess its in tie between machine and native depending on your other gear knowing that normally you would rather carry last emperor than eternal night on humans and knowing LE can't use lizards with the special anymore might change your decision. Kitetsu A new type of weapon introduced in the server which can hit 3 ennemies x 6 in a full combo Its very reliable in Ruins and Ep4 for Paralysing Dorphons % Choice goes to Native Dark Hit (as machine can't get paralysed) I personally carry it on my Casts but mostly for EP 4 Dorphons as my inventory space can't afford it but yeah if yours can then its great for a lot of context. Mitsunari A super-katana which shine in EP2 and EP4 really useful to deal with Merilias Gee, Recobox and Lizard % wise Machine/Native Dark and Hit is the way to go it got sorta obsoleted by Nightmare despite still having 6x hit on a combo but its a lot better in EP4 than Nightmare because Lizards will block nightmare long range wave. Soul Biter An evolution of Zanba that both males and females can use. Before the release of Rathalos/Swing Dark Flow it was optimal with High % as a set to deal atrocious tons of damage at the expense of your life. Its still very good and underappreciated and a very viable option if you can't find/afford DF/Rathalos especially for Worm Type Boss and EP4 because you can't makes the Lizards explodes. I did thought also that It can be really great but really great once maxxed with EVP Hucaseal on early areas because you'll likely block everything so the HP risks factor is quite non existent there. Go for a Set if you can't afford the above mentioned swords. Dragon Sword An upgrade in terms of damage of Tsumikiri-J Sword that does not require unseal to get the final weapon. It does feature a custom yellow PB wave that can get through any enemies even with no hit. It's mostly used in time attack or in team with definite PB Chain meet point. Also you can use Only 40 PB by only doing the special at the end of Attack 3 and switch weapon quick using the quick menu. % wise go for full Native Machine Dark it has obvious synergy with PB/Flow Planet Eater A stunning very beautiful designed Twin Saber and an Hard Hunt (Olga) I have yet to test it at High Stats (opinion needed) but it does strike 5 times with 3 targets and Berzerk its an evolution of Musashi .Use it in Hucaseal unique animation to get the most of it for stats % either pick Hit Dark and Machine (as native would put you in danger against lizard and Eternal Night covers that) Eternal Night obsoleted this weapon and I'm sorry for it used to have better base stats in Beta and less grinder. I did put some suggestion regarding how to fix that weapon but in its current state its more likely a collector sword or a decent one at best but not a context weapon on the field currently and it saddens me a lot because I love it!. Dark Falz Buster (Currently Unobtainable) Its like a Jizai with 3 targets but good attack stats it sures comes in handy with Episode 2 specific spawns or EP4 if you can find one again Hucaseal get the most benefit out of it. use Native Dark and Hit % however it does hit 5 times on a combo compared to Mitsunari which is 6, Last Emperor It used to be the best melee weapon DPS wise but it was too overpowered. Its claw used to strike alongside the special. Its special attack cost 20 tp from each strike for 3 targets . Dagger type means it can be widely used in any Human but especially lethal on Humar, Hunewearl, FOmar and Fomarl It benefits from the proprieties of bypassing enemy manual evade. with its special. Its wave blast radius does gives you a little distance from enemies spawns and also its a weapon of choice for dealing with enemies with lots of HP such as Meri Flowers which can usually be dealt with with 1-2 full combo., High EVP like the Sinows or these Pesky Zus Its no longer optimal in Bosses unless you play Battle/Melee Force but still a solid option in any situation. Depending on the class you play Machine Dark Hit is the way to go or you can even look for a set (which I think is necessary for Fomar/Fomarl. Ill Gill Reaper An unique Scythe Weapon introduced in this server. Its the only weapon of all PSo history to carry 3 Special attacks in each attack button. it uses a modified storm special for regular attacks which doubles the damage of it A True Blizzard special for heavy attacks and an enhanced Hell special for special attacks The enhanced hell special can deal with regular monsters with ease and instant kill them even with 0 Hit for some of them which are weak to it Hell Striker Being used by hunter and ranger it does provides autolock Hell which comes in handy in missions featuring Episode 2 especially Seaside. you should always carry one as hunter for EP2 with a v503 or Nightmare instead or both depending your choices Hit only matters UPDATE from @Howitzer @VEL(JP) The vertical range of yas7k is smaller than hell striker, and horizontally range is a bit smaller than hellstriker also. Also handgun animation does make slightly faster recovery than rifle. Ultimately the normal and hard attack reaches farther if you do need to disrupt an enemy by attack it. Death Reaper Its definitly a starter option and viable on Ranger and Force for EP4 Sub Optimal in Hunter but it has Partisan Animation which swings really fast. % Preferred Native Dark Hit Ill Gill Reaper definitely outclass it. the only thing that Ill Gill Reaper doesn't do compared to it is it's Megid penetration for Force Tiger Fang & Dragon Claw An evolution of Sange and Yasha Can be used in soloing for the unreduced gush Taste of Affection Powerful Mechguns that male make the most of use especially with Hucast Humar and Fomar it also boosts SD Range which can come in handy sometimes Celestial Fusion A mechgun born from the combination of Passion Haze and Taste of Affection On Hunter its utility is to basically unreduced Demon the enemies making problematic mob gone in 1 to 2 full combos again Hit especially Dark in priority but also Machine the JZ Extended Range works wonder in Human class type. and Also its a Vital Piece of Equipment for Battle/Melee Force setting Passion Haze Its good but overshadowed by Christmas Spirit, which bypass enemies manual evade Legacy/Past Optimal Gear Dark Flow see above Twin Blaze (for Casts) % don't matter it creates a mine Gifoie which stops rush from several ennemies type. Precisely Chaos Bringer, Delbiters Dorphons, Zu's and can also stuns ill gill on spawn The gifoie generated immediately ignites Traps if you drop one in a row It is for me one of the most crucial gear to get in any Cast setting. it creates and facilitates lots of setup once you know the spawns of the area you visit it drops also randomly in Black Paper deal 1 Holy Ray You use it on Humar,Hunewearl and all Forces its paralyse effect is improved by 503 It's very effective against problematic monsters like Gunner, Belra's Meri-Type,Dorphons basically you only need Hit for it above 35 is a good number. Master Raven see above Last Swan Its still a staple in Hucaseal the fact that it shots 3 times (9 bullets) in a row might need a little practice to Trap-shoot Suppressed Gun Its still an option with Charge or Arrest if you're allergic to the 3 shots of MR and LS Basically you do want Native Dark and Hit Arrest Raygun with 50hit or more Its still an option for Casts if you start or don't want to miss timing using either Master Raven or Last Swan. It has the benefit of Paralyse capability in long range but it does take a spot in your inventory Hell Raygun with 50hit if you can't afford/find a good Hell Striker it does the job at the difference it doesn't have autolock S-Rank Gun (Zalure) Probably one of the most invaluable gear for Soloing Endgame as Casts for Boss. or in party with multiple casts. it shots Zalure 21. S-Rank J-Cutter (Zalure) I didn't tested yet it might be interesting for Solo (if someone can complete this section be my guest) S Rank J-Cutter (Arrest) Its still a fantastic tool for casts to mass paralyse foes. Carry it at all cost the only downside is being an S-Rank % can't be added however Thanks to the new addition of V503 it makes this weapon even more consistent that it already was. S Rank J-Cutter (Hell) It's still viable and offers 4 Targets at the same time for Hell per combo something Hell striker can't in terms of speed. Despite it hasn't autolock unlike Hell Striker. I suggest carrying it for specific EP2 quests if your inventory space can afford it Obsolete because of Nightmare Excalibur Despite being the highest saber ATP, its role in hunter has become obsolete to just being decent. Its still fantastic with % and male animation but not optimal in Hunter anymore. the HP drops against a weapon like Eternal Night which doesn't takes life to trigger its effect is more interesting in my view. it is still optimal in Fomar and Racast (EP4 mostly for it) settings You can deal faster with Lizards on Racast/Racaseal/FOmar with it if you're aiming for fast completion time % wise Dark Native (eventually Machine depending if your other gear parts can handle Lizard) and Hit Currently Ethereal Armor conflicts with this weapon. for some reasons until it is fixed you can't combo correctly with it Sealed J-Sword It used to be the only Hell Sword in Vanllla PSO BB its been obsoleted by Death Reaper, and so forth by Ill Gill reaper's faster swing animation Tsumikiri J-Sword Obsolete by Dragon Sword and requires 23'000 (!!!) kill from Sealed J-Sword but still beautiful Blue Wave Diska of Braveman Obsoleted in Hunter by the new weapon choice however it can remain an option in Force (Battle/Melee Fomar /Fomarl) As they sometimes need a ranged weapon to cover distance and to hit EP4 Boss also notes that Fomarl has the best unique Slicer Animation Soul Devourer did bury this weapon utility. Slicer of Fanatic Humar and Hunewearl can use it to get 3 targets Demon. useful against some spawns or EP4 Girta's like DoB Fomar/Fomarl can make the most use of it but also FOnewm Fonewearl. You basically only need Hit or maybe Dark on it also its a rare case where you do need probably over 40hit to start to see great efficiency. Red Sword Despite having 10 targets and unreduced seize it has been outclassed by Kitetsu which has better animation, DPS and speed Daylight Scar Obsolete in Hunter and sub optimal in racast for EP4 Lizards as you will get 1 target can still be pulled against open Epsilon. Native Machine Hit seems the way to go. S Beats Blade Obsolete in Hunter but might be still interesting in dealing with Lizards as Ranger for its Unreduced Hell ennemy part can get 50Hit easy due to quest S Reds Blade Now that most Humans class can S/D and the appearance of PB/Flow it became quite forgotten. It does take an inventory space but if you experiment Time Attack solo it may come in handy sometime. Vjaya Once the most powerful charge weapons DPS wise it has been obsoleted by Eternal Night Each swing even in the void charges you 10k of Meseta Tyrell's Parasol Can be used as pseudo support for Hunewearl and Ramarl. Obsoleted in Force since the appearance of Skyfall Stats don't really matter Ranger: Exclusive addition to the server: Dark Meteor It is combo unlocked here and the ATP has been rebalanced. it does also features in a recent update 7 targets per hit making it the only 7 targets gun in the game. It can be used almost anywhere while you would choose Demon over for specific enemies with lots of HP It cleans regular waves easily and also the hit can stun flowers. It's laser special attack has infinite vertical range, useful against Vol Opt 2 screens Gryphon, Dragons, Olga Flow Worm-like Bosses Despite Final Egg Blaster outshines it against those You basically want to max it out in Machine and Dark for your first once you got it it doesn't miss much even with 50hit DON'T DO AB. on your FIRST DM PERIOD huge waste. Grave Digger/Nefarious Needle Nefarious Needle is made from a Grave Digger and an Orb of illusion. Human Ranger's new best friend. It obsoleted Demon Needle. Its needle speed and extended range makes it a weapon of choice on situations where brute ATP isn't enough to deal with spawns quick. it can be an option on cast but my preference goes more for YAS9k Demon for them if you're fully geared or Charge or Regular damage for them as you won't take away much of enemies life with GD. at the exception of Tower where you can get Epsilons even when your fire is sucked by Epsis shield. In Tower in any case Carry it ! that's my advice Hit is necessary get as many as you can. after that dark and the % of choice in priority Arrest Needle Its a necessary gear for Rangers it is mostly used for crowd control unlike S rank one's it can have stats it is made by combining Spread Needle with Proof of Sonic Team. Its speed, cone spread and number of targets is what is making it so good It can lock enemies into freeze and paralysis with the synergy of Freeze Trap or Arctic Faust you can even put Arctic Faust in the bottom of your inventory and Spread Needle just over it for fast Freeze and consecutive Arrest. Arrested Frozen Mob takes longer to fully recover from that. Hit and V503 is optimal for a lot of situations usually you do want at least dark with it since the damage output is decent but not excessive. after that Native can come in handy for Episode 4 Hell Striker note that Ramarl animation is the best for Handguns, outclassed only a little by Yasminkov 7000V with Hell in Ranger for pure ATA stats Hell Needle Its great, It's really great faster than Type Shot but at the cost of a shorter range Well depending of your character choice. My opinion is that it should be the 2nd or 3rd item you may make out of Dark Matter after UDC/Nightmare/Behemoth. Frostbite A power upgrade from the original Frozen Shooter it shares the same freeze bomb special and ATA. Its rarer to find because its a boss drop but one with good stats would still be better for finish off enemies with Demon vs a regular FS. seee Frozen Shooter below for more details Machine/Dark Hit is mandatory if you want to have the full benefit of it Gush Needle (Unobtainable unless event crate) It used to be the exclusive item of the former Legendary Crate but lately it has been dropped on Valentine Event 2019 as a temporary crate exclusive Its s like an S Rank Needle which has the possibility to Add Stats It can combo off really good with Berzerk Needle on Casts see below for details otherwise aside from regular spawns it doesn't worth much the inventory space unless you combo it you basically want to max out Dark and either remaining % alongside with a little hit Unless you don't have Dark Meteor that combo don't worth it currently with the last item pool It could work well if Berzerk Needle archetype get a new Needle with % ability. Exterminator Its situational/decent/depending of your party. It has shot Range 5 Targets berzerk the downside being its the attack animation. but D Virus Launcher clearly outclass it Boondock Saints a really good starter ATP Mechgun with Handgun Range and hell as special. Hitt machine and Dark, again Combustion Canon It has very interesting proprieties like High ATP rifle range, hitting behind walls, lowering your HP and Overdrive.. my opinion is to privilege stats over hit for this weapon except if you're going to exploit the special a lot again Dark is where it shines get as much % in any area as you can the usual % spread M&A85 Fury The best Falz killer for Racast/Racaseal (?), with high Dark its also a safe way to kill Olga 1 if you didn't succeed to kill it with FEB on spawn it can also shot enough times to pierce delsaber block animation. its overheat count carries over even if you quick change weapon. I only wear it with max dark and a bit of hit personnaly (UPDATE) LCK 38 outshine this weapon on Dark Falz 3 since its combo unlock on Ranger use because its burning special can damage Invincible Falz Final Egg Blaser made from combining an Egg Blaster and Dr. Robotnik's Plan B. it featured an Autlock and extended range in past update. Its special full combo produces 18 hit per combo (bullets + explosion) bullets make it the perfect boss killer except for Dark Falz. it can also be used in a variety of spawns if you know how to dodge and keep and HP Low It also comboes well with Combustion Cannon or D Virus Launcher to get your HP Low. My opnion for this weapon is to get a Set Armageddon It's great on Racast. autolock+charge you basically always want ot finish off high Hp enemies with that as Cast. it can also be used well against any mass enemies like with the autolock the shot will always reach a target. Its really on claws on ruins,yet you may prefer Charge Yasminkov9000 for Tower because of that same autolock stuck on closed Epsilon shields Dark and Hit and any of your preference LCK38 Combat It recently got combo unlocked for Ranger here, where it shines on theory is as a Falz 3 Killer replacement for M&A Fury Burning actually DOES damage Falz 3 invincibility 1785 damage if you can hit all 15 by doing SSS and only dependent on the character level, not mst and ennemy EFR So all RA should do the same damage or 1190 if you do NSS The formula tested by Orgo is the following for Burning (Character level + 99) * ((100-EFR)/100) also while not being optimal the 15hit could come up vs Zu because evne Lck 38 does not possess Manual evade byepass it its 15x times in a full combo which could come in handy on Casts but do it if you can freely invest in their % So my conlusion is for Casts (and even for Human when Falz is invincibile) its the best Shot you can use for Falz 3 Max it on Dark and you will still need some hit to connect the special Arctic Faust All Rangers can use it. Made from Cryo Warhead and an Iron Faust.Featuring a True Blizzard ice special, its invalauable in a lot of being surrounded situations with its blast radius as its suggested its very useful and effective against machines. it can also be used in other areas to combo with arrest needle to make the foes para and freezed at the same time. Dark Machine and Hit without a doubt D Virus Launcher Deadly nothing else to say. you can FAST KILL OLGA 2 with some buff debuff and high dark and hit before Olga has time to move its leg. but be cautious to not get early DP if you mess up Legacy/Past Optimal Gear Heaven Striker Its still amazing for Racast and Ramarl (which can go arounds its quite low ATP and its animation) the special is Berzerk and despite having only 1 target the range is one of rifle Dark Machine and either Machine or hit. but Dark Hit alone does suffice (UPDATE) Well its quite used in Niche Scenario I guess you could use it if your inventory or TA/Quest Strat involves it and of course if you got high stats on it Frozen Shooter Crucial Piece of Ranger Weaponry don't think on getting on field without carrying it or Frostbite It shares the same ATA and special as Frostbite but its weaker and much easier to find with Hit it has Rifle range and formerly unique special called Freeze Bomb useful in a plethora of situations. Im not an expert in PSo Math but if I remember correctly FS/SQ/Frostbite/Twin Cyclone basically just checks the ata and Bypass ESP Check (correct me if this statement is wrong). Its Vital in Tower and against enemies with lots of HP. It has Synergy with Yasminkov 9000 Demon, Charge and Arrest Needle or any high DPS Weaponry You quite don't need % Stats aside from Hit with Frozen Shooter if you want you can go hunt/invest a good frostbite which get better ATP but it can evolve into : Snow Queen I'm a man convinced with the Opness of Snow Queen its Freeze Bomb pierce is just too good despite being a 1 hit weapon I always carry Frozen Shooter along Snow Queen for specific spawns and quests such as Gal Da Val Darkness and Beyond the Veil hills. Over 40 Hit% Snow Queen seems the be the right way it works very well here. Spread Needle Still works decently as starter gear its animation due to being Needle type is very fast and must be used to crowd control any spawns of monsters. Its special is unreduced Seize its been replaced/enhanced by the appearance of Arrest Needle (NON-S-Rank) S Rank Needle (Arrest) Once one of the best S Rank Needle its been completely outclassed by the Non S Rank Arrest Needle which can have stats. It still works better on Human and Cast better than a decent hit % Spread Needle. But basically its a weapon of the past you shouldn't use it S-Rank Needle (Berzerk) I used to play it until later gears got released its very enjoyable and can get a combo in solo/non force team with Gush Needle. Where you do put Zerk Needle on First item slot and Gush in 2nd slot making you switch easily and regain the HP you lost. im biased on this because its so fun and would definitly like to see a Non-S Rank made out of it UPDATE Do not use it we have far better but I really miss the layer of gameplay that this weapon once had S-Rank Needle (Spirit) I didn't tested it here I used to have one in the past I guess Ramarl and Ramar can make some use of it . You can pseudo combo with Soul Devourer and Ramarl in theory but the output is not extraordinary despite having LV 20 Buffs. Same scenario as Berzerk S Rank Needle I think we need a replacement for this its a lot of fun S-Rank Needle (Demon) Once the best possible Needle on Gamecube and Vanilla Blue Burst for Human its been buried and outclassed by Grave Digger/Nefarious Needle which has 170 Range compared to OG 65 don't make one its not worth it anymore S-Rank Needle (Hell) Here such needle got made into an item which can have Stats. Its definitly useful in Episode 2 The legacy one may be still useful but doesn't worth much the investment IMO S-Rank Rifle Zalure It is what Zalure gun is for casts aside its range is way longer refer to zalure gun for more infos S-Rank Zalure Shot I didn't tested it but it seems valauable in certain solo quest/cast party (opinion needed) S-Rank ZalureLauncher It's the best way to Zalure in solo boss for the most annoying Gryphon and Olga It has INFINITE vertical RANGE! (Thanks Lipelis for the intel) you can setup Gryphon and Olga without a chance to miss or even touch Olga 1 before you can hit him. Yasminkov 7000V (Hell) Its still stats wise the best Hell rifle by 5 ata vs Hell Striker. It does auto lock in a small cone in front of the user its only drawback is that it has shorter range than Hell Striker The special of Hell Striker and Yas 7k has the same range so use it over HS if you're Not Ramarl Hit only matters Update The vertical range of yas7k is smaller than hell striker, and horizontally range is a bit smaller than hellstriker also. Also handgun animation does make slightly faster recovery than rifle. Ultimately the normal and hard attack of HS reaches farther if you do need to disrupt an enemy by attack it. Bottom line is that you can make it if you one with crazy hit stats. Yasminkov 9000 (Demon) Its as good as it was on the past its necessary on all ranger even casts. Rifle range + demon with 9 bullets. the only drawback is the mechgun recovery time Hit only matters and its a well worhty investment Yasminkov 9000 (Charge) Despite its low base stats it can still be used very well with Racast and Racaseal in areas such as Tower Where Armageddon auto-aim conflicts the targets you actually want to aim at Hit only matters don't invest in other stats if you plan to use this here UPDATE IM not that sure if % on it may affect substantially its damage I need to recheck thoroughly the formula but it shouldn't do much with its base attack for the monster stats we have here TYPE/SHOT (Hell) Still plenty usefull for its long range hell. Its weakness is it's shot recovery time Hit is only necessary Guld Milla. Its Grind have been enhanced here. Its still a valid piece of equip if you plan to solo Falz as Racast/Racaseal Its still a possibility if you do not own FURY or LCK 38 Iron Faust It is combo unlocked here, all ranger classs can use it like panzer paust and still a very useful against being surrounded by its formerly unique blast radius. Its special can be interesting for sparing traps and long range confuse however you rarely need this in my opinion. Its exclusive Upgrade Arctic Faust with True Unreduced Blizzard gives you more flexibility and recovery when surrounded by spawns. Baranz Launcher It used to be the Best Shot in game when maxxed and correctly scaled with SD. The new 7 targets on DM and D-Virus Launcher makes you wonder if its worth carrying/invest anymore basicall its only downside is 4 shots but charge is definitily good and can be carried on maxxed Racast for a lot of damages. again Machine Dark Hit Bringer Rifle despite being obsoleted in ranger by Grave Digger, carry it at all cost on Force it gets 50Hit easy due to quest and photon crystals and can be used in a variety of areas especially tower but for some reasons it quite miss a lot maybe its due to its special bullet laser like animaton Dark Meteor see above Tyrell's Parasol see above Force: a note about % usually Force support gear doesn't need to have % the only exception is machine because of Vol Opt 2 first form where you can stun lock him with Zonde Based Techs Exclusive addition to the server: Skyfall Best support cane ever made its long range makes you able to even heals and SD even between small rooms sometimes. its only downside is it doesn't cover Anti which basically isn't a big issue since State/Maintenance is available here Dark Bridge Its tech boost have been rebalanced compared to the original. its the highest Tech support cane in Rafoie and Razonde it also features a Grants UNIQUE 3 TARGET SPECIAL ATTACK.it also slightly boost DFP This would be probably your last Dark Weapon unless you don't play hunter/ranger. the only thing you need in the triple 50% Striker before you make is Machine% (UPDATE) The last update of Dark Bridge creates by itself a new layer of gameplay for MST FOmar and MST FOmarl which is very versatile especially vs Falz 3 + regular EP4 creatures Glide S You can combo it off with Red Phantom Field to get a 300% Jellen and Zalure. Its 60% Grants could come in handy in EP4 if you play Nuke around Zu's and Dorphons Glide X An easy to get and Staple in Fonewearl its tech boost make it optimal for Falz and Olga 1 Nuking Zu's Punishement Equip it with any Force (but especially fonewearl) and watch Gol Dragon die in agony, Its very Powerful its unique 3 Foie Tech at the same time make it very useful. note that if you're really close to the opponent he will get hit by all 3 techs at the same time. Claw of Elements This makes Gifoie/Gizonde spam even more consistent by its tech boost and tech animation. Especially good at VOl Opt Screen trick or When farming D Virus Baranz again machine is all you need Hellion Sword (Charge)(Battle/Melee Force) My Secret Tech, as Battle Force it does need investment in Hit but its devastating especially against Ruins and EP4 Lizard. The Sword range is something Battle Force don't possess its usually limited to 3 targets with either Excalibur or Last Emperor. it also gives Megid Penetration (again against lizards, its useful) and Rafoie Boost the latter might be useful if you carry it on Fonewm My advice get over 60 hit and invest in Dark and exceptionnally A.Beast to give you a fast options against Worm Bosses and you won't regret it Ill Gill Reaper The Best crowd control Weapon Force ever had and really fast Swing animation scroll above for more overall details on this weapon Mortal Ruin Very useful tool it casts lv 25 megid. 6 in full combo. making you able to bypass megid problematic recovery time. it does pierce on Fonewearl or with Ethereal Armor aswell. It's only downside is that it doesn't strike when you use the special making you vulnerable to close lizards which usually outnumber you. And also the megid strikes in front of you you're vulnerable on sides. Last Emperor On Fomar/Fomarl you Must use it see above for more details a set would be your best investment Celestial Fusion See above, Its vital in Force, also you combo it off with Bat Wings to get massive debuff range Twin pallash (Melee/Force) I heard some experimented with this.I didn't personnaly but the fact its devil makes things a bit sad. UPDATE Definitly not worth it Legacy/ Past Optimal Gear Excalibur see also above Very good on Fomar. but bad in Fomarl due to its saber animation Every Force can get 800 atp in this server. making it very useful to finish off ennemies after demon, vol opt screens, or generally too close lizards. It was Max DFP Fomar best melee weapon until Last Emperor got released make sure you maximize dark. after that it depends on your use. if your aim is to take down high EVP/HP ennemies such as sinow go to machine if its just lizards Native is your best bet. Rambling May Still a staple on Melee Fomarl. Each combo shot twice. the special is occasional get at least maxxed dark and a little hit UPDATE Dethroned by Christmas Spirit in every aspect Slicer of Fanatic See above, must have on Force but needs even more good Hit % S Rank Slicer (Demon) Lower ATA due to S rank but 4 Targets All force can equip the slicers in Destiny due to the 800 atp ceiling it will land with difficulty on sinows but overall its solid if you don't want to invest on an SOF Fomarl again will make the most use of it UPDATE Yeah 0 Hit doesn't make it connect on Sinows or high EVP mob. S Rank Slicer (Hell) 4 targets. It used to be the best Hell Weapon at Force disposal until Mortal Ruin released it may be still useful on EP2 but not optimal anymore, Striker of Chaos Outlcassed by Skyfall, its still a useful as starter gear until you find one Tyrell Parasol same as Striker of Chaos on Force can still be useful on Hunewearl/Ramarl Madam Parasol same as Striker of Chaos Psycho Wand Outclassed by DarkBridge except in its Rabarta boost which is 30% still a very good equips. Glide Divine Its still a staple as nuke Fo or as starter gear. Note that the cane tech cast animation is faster on female than with Celestial Fusion Mercurius Rod Its still viable it casts 3x low level gifoie without the annoying recovery time. Helps a lot against charging ennemies see Twin Blaze for details on them. Bringer Rifle Vital in Force see above for more details
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