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  • The texture for the string of "dots" on From the Depths and DF shield have been improved and now properly animate.
  • Two new combines have been added for Orb of Illusions. An Orb of Illusions used on a Cataclysm Shield will turn it into a Hellfire Shield, and when used on a Three Seals, creates a Profound Darkness. As always, the changes by Orb of Illusions are cosmetic only and the item stats are equal to the original item.




  • Photon Drops now drop in random stacks of 1-3 photon drops just like materials.


  • Some very nasty desync bugs were fixed. Special thanks to @Mylandra, @Shisui and erveryone else that reported desync issues.

    At the moment we're still actively improving and monitoring the current state of desync. This has been our highest priority for a while, and will remain our highest priority until it's considered fixed. For the time being other upcoming features will somewhat take the backseat, but we believe this is for the greater good. Thanks for all the patience.

Changes are live.

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