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Caverns of Gloom quest

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Caverns of Gloom was today's Daily Quest and I was wondering what the answers were at the end to get the extra content.

Semi spoilers:



I thought there were 9 survivors I had to rescue, but I only recall running into two: a box and a Shark. There was also a sparkle in the middle of a room I couldn't interact with. 

I don't remember how many entries there were in the terminals because I just pressed OK on the first terminal I ran up to (9th?), which disabled the others. 

Shoot, now that I think about it, I could've gone back to see that guy in the box after I beat De Rol Le, because he said he'd only come out once I defeat the boss. Instead, after getting the answers wrong and getting locked out of answering again, I took the terminal to leave and just finished the quest. Dang.


Any tips? Thanks!

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Episode 1 quest that runs through Caves 1, 2, and 3 and has 2 bosses (if you find all the secret things)

Enemy Counts:

Grass Assassin: 96
Poison Lily: 198
Nano Dragon: 105
Evil Shark: 166
Pal Shark: 150
Guil Shark: 140
Pofuilly Slime: 91
Pan Arms: 73
De Rol Le: 1
Dark Falz: 1

General Information about the quest:

There is no time limit. The timer does not stop until you talk to the quest giver at the end or when beating Falz.

The quest will take probably 1 to 2 hours depending on the team. This is my first quest, and only one created before Destiny, so it wasn't balanced around the unique changes this server has done, but everything is 100% possible to solo.

You don't get to return to P2 in between De Rol Le and the rest of the quest at first.

You will need to find all the secrets to get the secret area and 2nd ending.


Normal : 5000/50000 meseta
Hard : 10000/100000 meseta
Very hard : 15000/150000 meseta
Ultimate : 20000/200000 meseta

There are 2 quest endings which will determine which meseta reward you get.
There are also some set pds, but they do not appear 100% of the time. There's not one for each player. Whoever gets there first, gets them.

Change log:

Fixed the bug in Caves 2 that could prevent completing the quest. 

for further information you could msg Orgo about this quest

or maybe he will response to your topic by his own

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You don't actually find that amount of people that you're told at the start. It's just the answer to a question at the end. 

Those 9 terminals in the room are not where you find that answer. They actually don't have anything to do with the ending part. There is one in Caves 1 that you have to find. There's a pretty big hint of what you have to do. 

And you can't return to answer the questions again. It's just one shot. But the box guy does answer a question for you. 

There's also a secret in Caves 3 that you have to get before fighting De Rol Le if you want to fight Falz too. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. And another hint: all the answers are in red. 

I overestimated how much this quest would be played when I made it, so the secrets are a little much I think. 



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