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  1. List of Valentine Crate

    Here's what I found:
  2. Caverns of Gloom quest

    Caverns of Gloom was today's Daily Quest and I was wondering what the answers were at the end to get the extra content. Semi spoilers: Any tips? Thanks!
  3. Ahhhh, and now I feel like an idiot. The game works fine now after waiting long enough. I guess you can keep this thread open for any fools like me in the future? Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone! My game crashes/closes itself a few seconds after I enter the lobby. I can walk around for a second, or look at my menu, but after about 5 seconds, the game closes itself. I've tried restarting my computer and reinstalling the game, but the game still closes at the same time. It didn't have this problem before, and it only started after I was playing a solo game, got distracted doing something else, and got kicked out of the game for idling. Now that I think about it, I might just be getting kicked out of the game by an idle kick timer. It's been an hour or two though, so it seems too long. Thanks for your help!