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Destiny v0.6.13


  • Material drop ratios have been leveled. What this means is that, unlike before, power/HP/mind/defense/evade materials now drop evenly. There’s the same chance of getting a power material vs getting a mind material, for example. Luck and TP material rates are untouched.
  • Randomly found materials can now drop in stacks of up to 3 materials per stack/drop. Doesn’t affect farmable materials.
  • Fixed an issue with wrong “display” of possible daily crate items due to lag. Now the “displayed” picked item and actual received item should always match.
  • Added banners for Handgun:Milla and Lavis Cannon.



  • Added Ultimate Double Cannon sound.
  • Updated Star Eulogy name and description.
  • Gal Wind HP drain reduced from 7% to 5%. This means using this item to trigger mag invincibility is no longer possible.
  • Grinders, Addslots and Materials now stack to 250 instead of 99.
  • Fixed a texture issue sometimes happening with Chao/Dark Chao and Naga/Twin Wraith.
  • Judgement Blade ATA increased from 35 to 65.
  • Updated Twin Wraith texture. It’s now HD, and matte instead of glossy.


Changes are live.

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