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We removed GuardianGirth's quests

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With recent events about a longer time PSO player and quest maker named GuardianGirth, it came to light that this person basically is a pedophile, harassing and tricking young female players in the PSO community. 

Such offenses are never treated lightly at Destiny, and we have always been striving to be a safe place to play PSO for players of all ages. For this reason we don't want to be affiliated in any way with "people" like Guardian Girth. So, in an effort to boycot this person, from now on we no longer host any of his quests. Thanks for understanding.

Quests affected:


Episode 2

Extermination/Villianous Rift 1
Extermination/Villianous Rift 2
Extermination/Malicious Uprising 1 - 5
Retrieval/Lost Chaos Calibur
Retrieval/Lost Shock Gungnir

Episode 4

Retrieval/Lost Master Blaster
Retrieval/Lost Son Hopkins

If you find another quest made by GuardianGirth, be sure to let us know and we'll remove it.

Lastly, rest assured that playing on Destiny is always completely safe and harassment is never treated lightly, as visible in our rules, section "Harassment and Abuse":


Harassment and Abuse
While you play PSO, whether in public chat (lobbies or rooms) or any other means, harassment is not allowed. This includes both clear and implied language, as well as languages other than English.
Harassment and abuse includes:

  • Vulgar language and obscenities.
  • Slander, defamatory speech, insults, or flames against players or Destiny PSOBB staff.
  • Subjects of an extremely sexual or violent nature.
  • Racial, ethnic, or national slurs and symbols.
  • Slurs or insults relating to sexual orientation.
  • Speech involving negative references/portrayals of major religions or religious figures.
  • Releasing real-life information or threats involving violence outside of the game world.
  • Slandering or encouraging negative views or actions against players, the game, or company, in Destiny PSOBB, our website, or forums.
  • Spamming of chats, public or otherwise, which can be defined as excessively repeating the same or similar phrases, symbol chats, incoherent text or gibberish, or repeating the same speech more than once in a short time.
  • Impersonating system announcements/GM/Destiny PSOBB staff to scam or harass others in or outside the game.
  • Promotion or advertising of non-Destiny PSOBB related games, businesses, organizations, or websites, including other Phantasy Star Online private servers.

While playing on our servers, you may not defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others. 
If someone tells you to leave them alone, back off, or in any other means requests you to cease contact, leave them be. Ignoring such requests will be treated as spam or stalking and has consequences.

If you ever encounter such behavior, or someone is harassing you, be sure to notify any Destiny staff member and the harasser will be dealt with.

That's all and safe playing! 

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On 4/10/2018 at 9:48 AM, Magictrick said:

If you find another quest made by GuardianGirth, be sure to let us know and we'll remove it.


Lost Riot Raygun
Lost Devils Scepter
Lost Heart Breaker

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19 hours ago, NDW said:

Lost Riot Raygun
Lost Devils Scepter
Lost Heart Breaker

These quests were originally made by Lee and not GuardianGirth as far as I remember.

Did he modify Lee's quests to add monsters or something? If so, there are two versions of the same quest around.


So this is weird, but apparently GuardianGirth reused Lee's/sega's quests as a base to make his own and named them in a similar fashion.

If what I gathered is correct, here's a small list including the ones mentioned.

Lost Shock Gungnir - Lee
Lost Riot Raygun - Lee
Lost Devil's Scepter - Lee
Lost Heart Breaker - GuardianGirth (Using Lee's code)
Lost Chaos Calibur - GuardianGirth (Using Lee's code)
Lost Master Blaster - GuardianGirth (Using Sega's code)
Lost Son Hopkins - GuardianGirth (Using Sega's code)


Apparently, Lost Shock Gungnir was accidentally removed even though it's Lee's quest. 

Probably a mistake and the one to be removed was meant to be Lost Heart Breaker.

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9 hours ago, VELT9(jp) said:

idc about LRR and LDS, but if LHB got removed, we'll need new quest lol

Orgo was working on some pretty interesting tower stuff a while back... >_>

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Alright, fair enough. LHB is essential to certain droprates, but once we have a replacement, LHB will be removed (and most likely LSG restored).

I'm sure many will miss the quest but we're going to honor our initial decision. We stand for a safe online environment, not affiliated with pedophiles and their creations. Thanks @Mylandra for the thorough research.

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