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???? «Bee's_Team» ????

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Hello friendos, it is I, Bee. I ams here to tell you about my team, The Bee Team, AKA «Bee's_Team».

????ABOUT US???? :3

It is a team. It is mine. It has a Bee for the team flag. I bzz at all of my members and everyone who is not a member. But I bzz at my team's members more since they can read the team chat.

????DA RULES???? :3

  1. Bee nice
  2. Levity is life, levity is love
  3. Pls no drama or I sting u
  4. Our team lobby is Lobby 8, the rainbow lobby (but no one goes there because it is always empty, so it is sekrit lobby shh tell no one)
  5. Pls obey server rules & don get ban
  6. Pls do not complain about your bee allergies or bad experiences with bees IRL. "Waaaah I got stung by a bee when I was 3 and I almost died, WAAAAHHH"-- no one cares. You deserved it. Think about what you did. Bees did nothing wrong.
  7. Bees did nothing wrong.
  8. Pls try help each other
  9. Look at >THIS< picture. Does that man have a point? ????????????
  10. Pls try to be active maybe
  11. Pls do not point out that I copied the thread layout from PSG's thread


Bees are notoriously territorial and can get defensive when approached by foreign bees. If you are a worker or a drone bee, first we must apply a newspaper to separate our colonies. Then, gradually, our workers will tear through this newpaper and the odor of each colony will begin to mix. Eventually holes will become large enough for bees to travel between colonies. This gradual acclimation will prevent fighting from breaking out between each colony's workers. However, if you are a queen bee, you cannot join as the ultimate goal is to form one colony, there is a limit of one queen bee per colony, and I am the queen. In the case you are a queen bee, you must find a queenless colony on your own or through the aid of an experienced beekeeper. Alternatively you could commit suicide, but this is not recommended. If you are feeling suicidal please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


Say you want to join my team either in this thread or to me in game and I will invite you. Everybody is welcome-- there is no level limit, arbitrary gear requirements, etc.




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