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  1. Wish list

    Bump Some more additions
  2. Price guide

    Hello, I would like to know the value of this article: - M&A85 Fury 70/0/80/0/70
  3. Hey ^_^

    Happy Birthday Sab ! ;)

    1. Sabrina


      Thank you @Maxweel :D 

  4. B> Pds and photons spheres

  5. Many thanks to Tsetsuna for the exchange !  ^_^

    1. tsetsuna


      No TY was great trade very pro ! your the man !

  6. Wish list

    bump some new additions
  7. JaNeNbUyPlZ

    GUSH NEEDLE +60 [0/30/0/0|50] How much for this one ? DEATH REAPER +30 [50/0/0/0|35] and this one ?
  8. Wish list

    bump add new wishes
  9. Wish list

    Yes that interests me. How much would you sell it all?
  10. Wish list

    Hello all. Here is a small list of the items I am looking for: - Grave Digger /Hit - Lavis Cannon /Hit - LAST EMPEROR /Hit - ILL GILL REAPER /Hit - D-Virus Armor x2 - Dark Matter x2 - Immortal/HP and Immortal/Ability x1 each - V802 - State Maintenance - Orb of Illusion x2 - Parasitic Gene Flow or Dark Meteor Thank you all for your future responses. And happy new year 2020 to all
  11. Hello Everyone

    Thank you. I'm already having a lot of fun
  12. Hello Everyone

    Thank you a lot You'r doing a great job on the server.
  13. Hello Everyone

    Hello to the entire community of Destiny. My name is Maxweel and I follow French nationality. A big thank you for the welcome and the help. I tell you very soon in the game