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  1. Show your screenshots

    Thanks to @Howitzer i was able to finally make Dark Bridge!
  2. Show your screenshots

    Hunting reapers is painful but after a few days hard work got lucky
  3. Halloween 2018!

    those grim reapers are no joke. need to take them seriously. it isn't normal pw4
  4. Destiny v0.6.14 - Walking through Flames

    nice. enemy counts for walking through flames @Orgodemirk ?
  5. Halloween 2018!

    very nice work. i am very impressed by all the hard work
  6. How to farm crate

    Needless to say, i would say if you can play in a party rather than solo that will be more efficient than solo any time But solo is fine if no other choice
  7. Show your screenshots

    Not good for your health.
  8. Show your screenshots

    Time to make Ra!
  9. Yskialuw's Shop

    Zalure 20 x1 Anti 6 x1 Thanks Edit: lol never mind, a friend gave me in game. sorry!
  10. «・CLOSED・»

    Bee if you still got this i'd like it!
  11. JaNeNbUyPlZ

    Can i get this please?
  12. T> Smartlink or Last Swan for Master Raven (DONE)

    Cool what would you like for 30/00/00/30 are you interested in last swan and smartlink or would you like pd's EDIT: Nevermind i got one! Thanks for the reply
  13. Black Paper Deal is mean. Looking to trade a Smartlink or a Last Swan for a Master Raven. Feel free to pm or post here. Thanks. EDIT: Got one, topic closed.
  14. Race to 200 event!

    Thanks very much! Will Do! Here's a video of the occasion, excuse the frame rate issues. Forgot to lower res ;p
  15. Race to 200 event!

    Guess i'm first to 200