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  1. Windows XP Download Launcher

    Will there be an announcement when Windows XP users can use the launcher? Game works great when loading from .exe, but it is my understanding that there are nice features available only through use of the launcher. Thanks!
  2. hi

    I hope you have a lot of fun here. I sure have.
  3. What's up

    Welcome to destiny. Not all of us kept our ultima forum names though...This server has been great so far. I hope you enjoy.
  4. Iron Faust on RAmar is a thing of beauty.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Majarik


      Well statistically on this server it is less than 50 ATP away from dm. It's semi auto-targeting is nice and it is extremely useful on 1st vol opt form and gal gryphon. I think RAmarl would get good use from it. Even if it is situational.

    3. Tro


      Damn. Now I want one.... Not an easy hunt on Ultima, wonder if its any better here.

    4. Majarik


      Well you can get a blank panzer faust from the bpd zu route on hard. Then maybe you can get lucky like i did and buy a photon booster from someone who received one from a crate. Iron Faust is awesome blank and only gets better with stats.

  5. For those about to NUKE

    "We salute you!"
  6. Nyum's Shop

    I would like to purchase the photon booster for 10 pds please.
  7. Back Soon

    Sorry to hear about what you had to go through, but am happy to hear the situation is improving. You have my support. Hang in there!
  8. A feminist has arrived

    Nice. We needed more Girl Power to spice up the server. Welcome.