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  1. Beware of scammers

    I’m glad you’re giving me the chance to reply. So thanks for that. I had no intentions of really doing much except solo play. I didn’t really suspect being banned since I was only playing alone and didn’t talk all that much. I guess I thought the mag was my other one. I dropped all my other starting gear too. I had intentions of using the items. The fact they get “locked” in my account cause of a ban isn’t really something I can help. I am not here to cause drama. I hadn’t made this forum account until another user linked me this post.
  2. Beware of scammers

    You can ban this and that account if you want, but I at least hope this particular post stays... I wasn’t scamming anyone. I have all the items Hhawk4 gave me in my bank. I dropped a fresh mag and that’s it. I was leveling alone in ruins. You can even check my bank to see. I didn’t do anything wrong. I am a fresh account with nothing and wasn’t particularly interested in starting from nothing so I did ask for stuff for low levels. That’s no crime. Especially if I keep the stuff. As far as “ban evading” goes. I’m on my native machine behind no VPNs or other similar products. I obviously had to make a new forum account, but even this one isn’t hidden under any guises. I used my normal email. There‘a no need to restore Hhawk4s items cause I could give them back myself and really don’t have an issue with that. I would ACTUALLY use them if I wasn’t banned though.