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    about regular hell laser vs rianov-3 [hell], i'd say regular one is much better due to bullet type. regular one (photon bullet type) can snipe moving enemy easier (especially in distance). i got h70 rianov-3 with hell, but i prefer regular hell laser more. and i recommend you to use spoiler code to make this thread looks more clearly. also i couldn't find difference between stealth type armor and regular one, stealth one looks/sounds faster when i switch weapon. but not sure it's actually faster or not, or how faster than regular armors. if it's faster even by 1 frame, it could make sence though... (still not sure it worth wasting ata/atp boost ). i haven't seen someone was using those type armors in TA.
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    PSO BB Destiny Private Server Time Attack 2P TTF EP 1 11.30 Karlito68 & Depassage NO PB Enjoy Guys Karlito68 = Orion Ramarl Depassage = Creinu Fomarl Xmas Spirit special's is actually a regular one. the special listed on bank inside was not right after a donation, the special is Spirit as normal actually Video Footage is by Karlito68 hosted on his YT Channel Inventory :