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Mugen's Trade List (=b^.^)=b

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Well... Had all this stuff piling up on me for a long time.. Guess I better make a trade list

Prices are all negotiable.. but I'm super bad with pricing.. so.. theres that.. I try to trade right at the middle of market value if I can..

Pew Pews

Grave Digger 0/0/0/45|45 (I would sell this or my 0/0/25/30|40 one.. but not both)
Frozen Shooter 35/0/25/0|25
Red Mechgun? (idk it has good stats lol) 50/0/0/45|40
Panzer Faust 25/0/0/35
Demon Yas 9000M 15/25/0/0
Charge Yas 9000M 0/30/0/0

Magic Sticks

Claw of Elements 30/30/30/0
Glide Divine 70/0/60/60 (i know, right??)

Beater Sticks

Laconium Axe 0/0/50/0|35
Dragon Sword 0/40/40/40
Oblivion 0/35/0/30
Soul Biter 35/0/0/40
Soul Biter 0/0/0/40
Mitsunari 0/35/0/50
Mitsunari 40/45/45/0
Kitetsu 40/0/0/50
Ancient Prophecy 45/0/0/0
Lame D'Argent 0/30/20/0
Lame D'Argent 0/45/40/0
Judgement Blade 0/65/35/0
Judgement Blade 45/0/0/40
Rainbow Baton 40/35/0/0|50
Monkey King Bar 40/40/0/0
Monkey King Bar 0/55/30/0
Girasole 0/60/0/45
Daylight Scar 0/0/50/40/30

Zanba  0/35/40/0


Teh Clothes

Mother Garb +
Energy Storm

The Skull of your Enemy

S-Reds Arms
Gi-Gues Body (we should totally mod this into a useful weapon.. make shoot his butt bullets for lols.. cmon do it)
Sinow Berrils Arms (please do a graphical overlay so these are a thumbs up instead)


Ideya Cell
A New Friend
Dragon Tear x 50000 sad faces
Rappy Beak (dont judge.. its a good nub mag cell!)

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