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  1. Mugen's Trade List (=b^.^)=b

    Well... Had all this stuff piling up on me for a long time.. Guess I better make a trade list Prices are all negotiable.. but I'm super bad with pricing.. so.. theres that.. I try to trade right at the middle of market value if I can.. Pew Pews Grave Digger 0/0/0/45|45 (I would sell this or my 0/0/25/30|40 one.. but not both) Frozen Shooter 35/0/25/0|25 Red Mechgun? (idk it has good stats lol) 50/0/0/45|40 Panzer Faust 25/0/0/35 Demon Yas 9000M 15/25/0/0 Charge Yas 9000M 0/30/0/0 Magic Sticks Claw of Elements 30/30/30/0 Glide Divine 70/0/60/60 (i know, right??) Beater Sticks Laconium Axe 0/0/50/0|35 Dragon Sword 0/40/40/40 Oblivion 0/35/0/30 Soul Biter 35/0/0/40 Soul Biter 0/0/0/40 Mitsunari 0/35/0/50 Mitsunari 40/45/45/0 Kitetsu 40/0/0/50 Ancient Prophecy 45/0/0/0 Lame D'Argent 0/30/20/0 Lame D'Argent 0/45/40/0 Judgement Blade 0/65/35/0 Judgement Blade 45/0/0/40 Rainbow Baton 40/35/0/0|50 Monkey King Bar 40/40/0/0 Monkey King Bar 0/55/30/0 Girasole 0/60/0/45 Daylight Scar 0/0/50/40/30 Zanba 0/35/40/0 Teh Clothes Mother Garb + Energy Storm The Skull of your Enemy S-Reds Arms Syncesta Gi-Gues Body (we should totally mod this into a useful weapon.. make shoot his butt bullets for lols.. cmon do it) Sinow Berrils Arms (please do a graphical overlay so these are a thumbs up instead) Mag DNA Ideya Cell A New Friend Dragon Tear x 50000 sad faces Rappy Beak (dont judge.. its a good nub mag cell!)
  2. WTT for Dark bridge/PGF

    *Edit* ended up finding one. please delete thread
  3. About Item Readers & Destiny Reader (Beta)

    I had a similar problem when opening things like joy2key and so on.. theres an easy solution.. in your search bar type in "User Account Control".. open that .. in that window you can select the option that still lets UAC be active but "does not dim your screen".. that solved it for me
  4. Price guide

    aw.. dang I though I found something really good with that one.. ok thanks for your input guys
  5. Price guide

    120% dragon sword really only worth 30pd? and oblivion worth more than both dragon sword and ancient proph? I'm not seeing that? oblivion is prob the easiest one out of them to get?
  6. Price guide

    Oblivion (0/35/0/30) Dragon Sword (0/40/40/40) Ancient Prophecy (0/0/0/55) Cryo Warheads?
  7. B> hit spread needle

    found.. please delete thread.. or let me know how ? I don't see an option
  8. iSell Things

    Just a modest little shop.. don't have much.. not great with pricing and I don't have a lot of patience for getting top dollar.. make a fair offer and ill prob take it Rangers Weps Spread Needle (0/50/0/0|35) Egg Blaster (50/0/50/0|30) Hunter Weps Dragon Sword (0/40/40/40) Oblivion (0/35/0/30) Lame D'Argent (0/45/40/0) Judgement Blade (0/0/65/35) Judgement Blade (45/0/0/40) Daylight Scar (0/0/50/40|30) Mitsunari (0/0/0/0) Kitetsu (40/0/0/50) Ancient Prophecy (0/0/0/55) Force Weps Coming soon to a store near you! Other D-photon core S-Reds Arms Sinow Berill's Arms Cryo Warhead x2 Wants Mostly PD, PT, DT etc.. but... Type/shot arrest with some hit would be fantastic Elemental Shield would be cool but ill probably end up farming one? Claw of Elements might be fun? HP and Power mats are always useful. Thanks for patronage. Have a good day!
  9. Sell/Trade List

    Still have that genesis armor for sale?
  10. Nemesis's Bazaar

    *EDIT* nvm found one still have that 20 zalure?
  11. B> twin cyclone+ a few other things

    B> twin cyclone.. stats don't have to be crazy. I'm also in need of 77 power mats, S/D and J/Z level 20 Please and thanks
  12. B> hit spread needle

    need a good candidate for Arrest Needle.. hit/dark/native or abeast… hit and dark a must.. wug?