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Wade's Flea Market

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Usable Items

Parasitic Gene "Flow" PGF  60 DTs / 120 PTs



Dark Meteor +25 [0/50/0/50/50] 60DTs / 120 PTs

Stormrender [0/0/0/0/25]

Final Egg Blaster +30 [0/35/0/0/55]

Combustion Cannon [0/0/0/5/0] untekked

Combustion Cannon [0/0/15/0/0]

Baranz Launcher [0/0/0/90/100]

Black King Bar [0/0/0/0/80]

Skyfall [0/0/0/0/0]  6DTs / 12 Pts

Last Emperor [0/30/30/0/0] SOLD

Kietsu +30 [0/0/50/55/35]

Claw of Elements [0/0/0/0/0]



X Parts ver 3.10 [0/0]

Dynasty Armor [4 slot 0/0]

Archfiend Armor [4 slot 0/0] SOLD

Etheral Armor [4 slot 0/0]  20Dts / 40 Pts


From The Depths [0/0]

Cataclysm Shield [0/0]



Immortal Battle 25 PTs



Lvl 15 techs 1 PD

Lvl 20 techs 1 PD



Evade Materials x250

Mind Materials x250

Power Materials x 250



PDs/PTs/DT/s/PSs or trades


Genesis Armor MAX

Red Ring MAX

Rainbow Shield MAX




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9 minutes ago, Never said:

could you save the kietsu for me , thank you!

Yes I can. 

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