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Release: Destiny Database

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As promised, now you can view all available Destiny item information in one organized place.



Find it here: playpso.net/database

The current state of the system is beta. If you find info that's not displayed correctly, please post it in this thread and we'll update it. This database contains all of the Destiny items and stats. You can:

  • Sort items based on name, stats, targets, etc.
  • Apply filters to retrieve a filtered list.
  • Click on the + sign to reveal some additional information about the item.




Pro tips:

  • For weapons in the "type" filter, you can select "All Melee" or "All Ranged" to filter the table on the respective weapon types.
  • Set "usable class" to your class, "min. Targets" to 3,  and sort on "total ATP" to see the best multihit weapons for your class.
  • To see the best triple invincibility mags, in the mag tab set all filters to "invincibility" and sort on activation %.


Note: We may or may not add pictures in the future, but for now there's no pics. If you want to see how some of our items look like, there's still this thread: 

Even though its outdated and has some wrong stats...

Anyways, we'll do our best to keep this database 100% up to date at all times.


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No, sorry.

Here's why: Weapon skins don't work on Destiny (yet). If you change the models or textures they'll get replaced by the client. Also I'd rather post that list somewhere in the skins section instead of in the general database, since only a small fraction of the players actually need those numbers.

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On 22-5-2018 at 9:50 AM, PSOBB Sommelier said:

The Special of SOUL BANISH is not Berserk, isn't it?

Thanks, updated.

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