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Best Weapons?

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What are your opinions for the best weapons? I main ranger, so I would love to hear what is best for ranger. I'm open to suggestions for all classes though, since I do wish to play all of them in the end.

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I'm not fully aware of some of the new items and their affects on current ones but:

Gush, > Needles (required good % spread needle I believe)

Grave Digger is pretty much one of the top tier weapons in the entire game.

50%+ Charge Vulcans,
Cannon Rouge,
Iron Faust,
Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen,
Dual Birds/Desert Eagle

Of course Dark Meteor.

Those new OP guns lol.

A few I can think of for now xD


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Cumbustion Cannon!! I have used it aswell as BEE and it is amazing!!! Grave digger is great aswell and ofcourse all the needle weps :)

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I would say that starting out a frozen shooter is still one of the best weapons a ranger can have.  Running back and forth tagging things for the rest of the party to attack is super helpful. 

Kicking it up a notch you can do the same but on a grander scale with the arrest needle/freeze traps (if you have them). I've not tried any of the other higher tier freeze weapons yet but I'll also add that a grave digger with good stats can absolutely decimate a room haha. 

Mechwise boondocks saints is my favourite so far.  It's a bit more powerful than deagle/mystic spirit and the hell special is great for seabed.  Really want to get my hands on an armageddon tho...

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