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Hello there!

I go nowadays by the name of "Leon", but many people in PSO may know me as Zeta, Saya or Zhet. I am a new member of the community, having not played PSO back in the day as I was still very young then. Regardless, I know a lot about the game and whether I was here or not will soon be rendered pointless xD

Although I do play, recently I have been more of a contributor, helping private servers (including recently providing assistance to Sylverant), being a member of the PSO2 Translation team and also being a future volunteer to PSU Clementine's efforts. As a result, I may be busy at times but if you ever see me online, lets get together and play! ^^

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mayu remembers the familiar face of LEON from the Clementine discord/Psu!!

welcome welcome to DESTINY!!

enjoy your stay. ^^;

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