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Destiny v0.7.6 Droptable update!

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Game changes

  • Droptable updated (please check below)
  • Added banner to Amitie's memo, Pioneer Parts, Tablet, Yahoo! Engine, Heart of Morolian, Section ID Cards.



Added some of usefull items for new players.

Chaos Bringer: Star Atomizer --> Rage De Feu[4] 1/581 [Greenil]
Garanz: Final Impact --> Red Partisan 1/370 [Viridia]
Garanz: Cross Scar --> Smartlink 1/370 [Oran]
Sinow Gold: Meteor Smash --> Ignition Cloak 1/1489 [Redria]
Chaos Sorcerer: MAHU --> Mother Garb 1/1300 [Pinkal]



Epsilon: Dragon Slayer --> V101 1/203 [Skyly]
Epsilon: Diska of Braveman --> Red Sword 1/262 [Whitill]
Ill Gill: Gae Bolg --> V502 1/512 [Yellow]
Del lily: Alive Aqhu --> Red Handgun 1/417 [Bluefull]



Ba Boota: Black Odoshi Domaru --> Chain Sawd 1/731 [Skyly]

Saint Million: H/Ability -->V502 1/39 [All ID]





Some of unobtainable mag cells are added to new drop table.

Mainly added decent item to weaker ID, Area and stronger enemy but the dropitem was not good. (not to kill the original meta)


Hildetorr [EP1]: Red Saber --> Cent/Battle @1/16
Mil Lily [EP1]: God/Power  --> Limiter @1/16
Gi Gue: Gi Gue body --> Twin Rika's Claw @1/3723
Girtablulu: Limiter -> Last Emperor @1/1173
Merissa AA: LIEUTENANT GEAR --> L&K38 Combat @1/12.8
Shambertin: Heavenly Ability --> Exterminator @1/43

[new!] Sinow Zoa: Agito --> Amitie's memo @1/4201

Dark Falz: Centurion/Battle --> Dark Matrter @1/146
Sinow Blue: Magic Rock Moola --> Gratia @1/853
Sinow Berill: S-Berill's arm --> V503 @1/2048
Gal Gryphon: Last Swan 1/85 --> @1/64
Del Lily: Cross Scar --> Genesis Armor @1/1170
Kondrieu: Ideya Cell --> Grave Digger @1/36
Ba Boota: Blue odoshi violet nimaidou -->Maser beam @1/1170
Dorphon: Sacred Duster --> Ring of Fire @1/787

Hildetorr [EP1]: Red Saber --> Cent/Battle @1/16
Girtablulu: Swrodmans lore --> Orb of Illusion @1/2559

[new!] Ul Gibbon: Dragon Slayer --> Yahoo! engine @1/4964

Bulclaw: Devil/Battle --> Vjaya @1/206
Dark Bringer: Smoking Plate --> Yamigarasu @1/1862
Zol Gibbon: Agito --> Blue Phantom Field @1/2925
Gal Gryphon: NINJA SUIT --> ETHEREAL ARMOR @1/157

[new!] Crimson Assassin[EP1]: Red Partisan --> Heart of Morolian @1/4255

Hildelt: ELYSION --> Centurion/Arm @1/301
Sinow Blue: Centurion/Arm -->Yasminkov9000M @1/1517
Canune: Yasminkov9000M --> Photon Booster @1/2600
Dark Falz: C/Battle --> Immortal/Battle @1/128
Dal Ra Lie: Cross Scar -->L&K38 Combat @1/64
Millily[EP2]: Windmill --> Liberta Kit @1/16

Melqueek :Branch of pakupaku --> Supressed Gun @1/620
Mil Lily [EP2]: Windmill  --> Immortal/Mind @1/16
Gran Sorcerer [EP2]: God/TP --> V802 @1/1365
Sinow Spigel: Soul Vanish --> Shadow Cloak @1/2275
Olgaflow: Mortal Ruin --> Dark Matter @1/102

Hildelt[EP1]: God/Battle --> Smartlink @1/301
Deldepth: Aura Field --> PRIMAL NEXUS @1/2559
Baranz [EP2]: Panzer Faust --> D-Virus Armor @1/4096
Merissa AA: Flamberge --> Lavis Cannon @1/36
Dorphon: Thirteen --> Paragon Frame @1/2559

Del-D [EP1] Devil/Battle --> FROSTBITE @1/1950
Hildetorr [EP2] Windmill --> Syncesta @1/21
Merikle: Cure/Freeze --> Reflex Gear @1/1024
Olga Flow: D-VirusArmor --> Paragon Frame @1/146
Kondrieu: V502 --> D-Virus Armor @1/46

[new!] Gran Sorcerer [EP2] Rabbit Wand --> Tablet @1/4096

Sinow Red: Sinowred's Arm --> Armageddon @1/2978
Del Rappy: Heavenly body --> Cent/Battle @1/19

[new!] Indi Belra [EP2]: Justy 23st --> Pioneer Parts @1/4255 

Hildetorr[EP2]: Flight Cutter --> Cent/Battle @1/16
Morfos: Flight Fan --> Dr.Robotonik's Plan B @1/3150
Sinow Zele: Yamigarasu --> State/Maintenance@ 1/3343

[new!] Gal gryphon: gal's wing --> Wedding Dress @1/73 


Certain items are adjusted that droprate, considered its power. these items are way more stronger/usefull than other items but the droprate is pretty easy. Especially Grave Digger is one of the strongest gun in this game like D-Virus Launcher, Final Egg Blaster but the rate was @1/487 (DVL is @1/3855, Plan B is @1/1861 from Gibbles).

Sorry for inconvinience, but we hope you to understand our decision :)

▼Grave Digger
1/487 --> @1/1800 [Goran Detonator]
1/365 --> @1/1700 [Deldepth]

▼Hell Striker
1/182 --> @1/417 [Goran Detonator]

▼Blue Phantom Field
1/393 --> @1/930 [Delbiter]

*[Bluefull] Zol Gibbon also drops BPF @1/2925 from now (recommended this for solo hunt in ma4c ep2's first room)

▼X-Parts 3.10
1/505 --> @1/910 [Sinow Spigel]
1/560 --> @1/930 [Morfos]


Grave Digger, Hell Striker and Blue Phantom Field are still obtainable from daily crate with unchanged rate.


Also you can check official droptable list, thanks!



Drop table editted by @VEL(JP) , approved by @Magic

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These are some nice changes to the less used Hunter IDs 
Thank you for the refreshing update~

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