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Free Section ID Changing and 10x EXP!

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Free section id changing and 10x EXP have been activated! This will last until the end of the month.

To make use of ID changing, use this command in the lobby:

/sectionid #
"#" is a number between 0-9
0 Viridia
1 Greenil
2 Skyly
3 Blueful
4 Purplenum
5 Pinkal
6 Redria
7 Oran
8 Yellowboze
9 Whitill

To make use of 10X EXP, go level up some characters!


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This event has now ended. Hope everyone enjoyed it!

I left ID change on for now (since HH is on) so make sure you get back to the correct ID. Will be turning that off soon!

ID Change is now disabled. 

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