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Found 5 results

  1. Primal Nexus Farming Guide

    Primal Nexus Farming Guide My 100th post has to be a guide, of course. Like I always state in my guides, this is mainly for new players or solo players looking to get their hands on new gear at a quick rate. ***The main objective is to always single out the monster you need at the greatest amount possible under a specified time frame.*** These calculations are based on my averages. Quest: Lost Soul Blade on PINKAL. Primal Nexus Roughly 6 minute run 10 runs per hour 3x on Happy Hour - 31/1300 Per 1 run = 2.39% 23.85% an Hour 2x on Normal - 31/1950 Per 1 run = 1.59% 15.9% an Hour *Side Bonus!* IMMORTAL/HP 3x on Happy Hour = 8/226 per 1 run -3.54% Per hour = 35.4% 2x on Normal - 8/338 Per 1 run 2.37% Per 1 Hour = 23.67% In this video, I demonstrate how I farm this item using this method. /Lobby right where I stop. Rinse and repeat until you get your Primal Nexus. As always, Happy Hunting!
  2. Guide: Dark Matter

    This is a guide for hunting Dark Matter. (I know this is not a new guide for a lot of the advanced players, but I like to enlighten the newer players and help them get some insight on the easier advanced items to hunt.) I hunt on a Fonewearl with the Yellowboze Section ID. --The objective here is to kill as many Ill Gill as possible within a time period.-- Quick Maths! (These are my averages) 11 Ill Gill per 3 minutes 33 Ill Gill per 10 minutes 198 Ill Gill per 60 minutes Drop Rate: 1/787.685 Weapons (These are optional but do help speed up your kill count per hour!)
  3. Hi, this guide will show how tekking can increase and decrease photon efficiencies of (????? weapon's) or ?SPECIAL WEAPON?'s. Step 1 The text ?SPECIAL WEAPON? or ????? followed by a normal weapon class will be in light blue. ie. ????? Rod, ????? Saber, etc. Step 2 Once you have an unknown weapon, check in your item inventory to see if it has existing photon efficiencies. If your unknown weapon does not have any existing %'s then you CAN NOT increase or decrease anything. Once you find an unknown weapon with %'s in any area (positive or negative) proceed to the next step. Step 3 Take your weapon to the tekker. He is located in Pioneer 2 beside the 3 shops. Now here is how you can manipulate weapon %'s (to a certain degree). Weapon %'s can increase or decrease by 10, from it's untekked value. For the purposes of this guide, lets say the unknown weapon has 0% Native, 0% A.Beast, 15% Machine, 0% Dark, and 5% Hit. This can also be written (0/0/15/0/5) All possible outcomes for this weapon would be this: (0/0/5/0/-5) *Worst values at -10% (0/0/10/0/0) (0/0/15/0/5) *Original Values (0/0/20/0/10) (0/0/25/0/15) *Best Values at +10% If you don't like what values you get the first time tekking, then cancel and try again. It may take awhile to get the +10%, but it is possible for every weapon. That's really all you need to know. guide by dj_dan
  4. Requirements: Quest: Towards the Future Minimum 2 Players (2 Male Characters) Maximum 4 Playerrs (at least 2 Male Characters) Only Room Leader can be the DRAGON After the DRAGON dies, the Player dies too and wont get the EXP When the DRAGON kills all players, you will get teleported back to the Boss teleporter while the others are at the hospital. What to do: Enter the Quest, go to the Bank and talk to the black dressed Fomarl. She will give you an Access Code. Now depart to Forest 2 and access the Terminal in the first room. Activate it. Hit "Yes". If you have done this, you can enter the Boss Teleporter Explore and enjoy your new gained Powers. Note: u can only dive into the ground after u RAAAWWWWWWRRRRR!!! once.
  5. Sugoroku Quest Guide

    Hello everyone! Leon here! I am here to talk about a certain quest in the game you can all enjoy at your leisure and use it to take a break from all the levelling and rare drop hunts (and PSO Drama ). Hidden somewhere under the Destiny PSO Category is... SUGOROKU! This quest is based off of a Japanese board game, and playing through it, its essentially Mario Party meets PSO (but without the minigames and loss of friendship... maybe). Although talking to Irene, the rules are explained very well... most people would dive right in, so for the convenience, I will detail as much as possible about this neat quest / minigame. Hope you all enjoy! ^^ The Quest You will start on Pioneer 2 as with any other quest, after a brief introduction by Tyrell, you can head down to Forest 2 or talk to Irene for more detail on the game's rules. The quest starts down in Forest 2 once you interact with the computer display. Once all players have interacted with the display, SUGOROKU will begin and you will not be able to control characters by conventional methods. SUGOROKU in its most basic form revolves around players taking turns to roll a dice and moving a certain amount of spaces around Forest 2. Your goal is to collect 5 Rappy Feathers to open the route to the goal and be the player with the most points. You will see the dice display at the top of the screen, you will have to press ENTER to roll the dice and move along the spaces. Spaces are populated by creatures from Ragol like Rappies, Wolves, Booma and Hildebear, however the true effect of each space is represented by a floating (hard to see) orb of light present in each space, its color indicating the effect: Green Light: these spaces let you earn points, the amount of points you get is your die roll multiplied by 10, so a roll of 6 (maximum) earns you 60 points. Red Lights: these spaces should you land on them make you miss a turn, however certain variety of red light spaces let you make OTHERS miss their next turn. Blue Lights: these spaces let you earn Rappy Feathers. White Lights: these spaces give you the chance to steal 50 points from another player, but ONLY 50 points, if they have any less you will steal nothing. Aside from those spaces however... some of them are useless and have no negative or positive effect. Once a player gets 50 Rappy Feathers, that player will gain access to the route to the goal, but the game is only over when everyone has reached the goal, players already at the goal can roll the dice each turn to increase their points. Ultimately the player with the most points wins! Notes With that said... the game has to function within PSO's limitations, which admittedly makes things confusing for people trying this quest out. The game does not refer to you by your character's name, but rather the color in your PB indicator (e.g Red now has 5 Rappy Feathers). The score scroll does not indicate which is which... the score scroll is listed in the turn order which is based off of who joined the party at what point (last one to join the party goes last). Make sure you are using a proper (and readable) font, the dice rolls are displayed using game text like so: 【・】【∵】 With all that said and done, I do hope you all enjoy this neat quirky little quest! ^^