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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, this guide will show how tekking can increase and decrease photon efficiencies of (????? weapon's) or ?SPECIAL WEAPON?'s. Step 1 The text ?SPECIAL WEAPON? or ????? followed by a normal weapon class will be in light blue. ie. ????? Rod, ????? Saber, etc. Step 2 Once you have an unknown weapon, check in your item inventory to see if it has existing photon efficiencies. If your unknown weapon does not have any existing %'s then you CAN NOT increase or decrease anything. Once you find an unknown weapon with %'s in any area (positive or negative) proceed to the next step. Step 3 Take your weapon to the tekker. He is located in Pioneer 2 beside the 3 shops. Now here is how you can manipulate weapon %'s (to a certain degree). Weapon %'s can increase or decrease by 10, from it's untekked value. For the purposes of this guide, lets say the unknown weapon has 0% Native, 0% A.Beast, 15% Machine, 0% Dark, and 5% Hit. This can also be written (0/0/15/0/5) All possible outcomes for this weapon would be this: (0/0/5/0/-5) *Worst values at -10% (0/0/10/0/0) (0/0/15/0/5) *Original Values (0/0/20/0/10) (0/0/25/0/15) *Best Values at +10% If you don't like what values you get the first time tekking, then cancel and try again. It may take awhile to get the +10%, but it is possible for every weapon. That's really all you need to know. guide by dj_dan