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  1. S> Dark Matter

    Selling a Dark Matter, offers welcome, I prefer DTS, PDs, and V503.
  2. selling a dragon sword with the stats 30/0/0/40. Offers welcome, highly prefer dts.
  3. Closed

    best i have is a 45 ab 30 dark yamigarasu
  4. B>Dragon Sword (Closed)

    whatever you would like to offer but dts is probably the best thing i’d like at the moment
  5. B>Dragon Sword (Closed)

    i have a 40 native 35 hit dragon sword
  6. Yskialuw's Shop

    i'll take Grave Digger 0/0/0/30 (5 PDs) Shifta 15 (2 PDs) Deband 15 (2 PDs)
  7. S> RR (closed)

    title. min stat RR 5 dts
  8. B> items with dts

    got 30 mind mats
  9. Huge B>List

    i got ninja suit
  10. B>Glide Divine Normal & S

    elemental shield for oblivion?
  11. S> Dark Matter (closed)

    Title. I want DTS for this, offer below or pm.
  12. [COMPLETED] Trading Mitsunari for Kitetsu

    yeah im on, lemme do this lhb first, i'll pm after
  13. [COMPLETED] Trading Mitsunari for Kitetsu

    got a kitetsu 0d if youd like
  14. T> 40A.Beast/50 Dark Kitetsu (CLOSED)

    yeah, lemme finish this quest tho
  15. T> 40A.Beast/50 Dark Kitetsu (CLOSED)

    i got a glide x if you wanna trade