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  1. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    need 1 twin cyclone
  2. VEL's Trade List

    i need 1 more stormrender for 15 pds
  3. VEL's Trade List

    hi again would like to buy buy 3 last emps the 30pd 35pd 35pd for 10 dts hit me up
  4. Orgo's Shop. S> D-Virus Launchers

    trying to buy 3 twin cyclones pm asap plz
  5. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    yo tobie here ....... ,lavis cannon 3 pds ,judgement blade 1pt..... pm me back soon plz n ty
  6. VEL's Trade List

    yo i need another stormrender..... hit me up stats dont matter
  7. VEL's Trade List

    ok sweet i can be here in an hour also lets make it 2 stormrends
  8. VEL's Trade List

    yo yo i need a stormrender for 1 of my teamies stats dont matter get back to me soon plz
  9. topu's Trade List

    i want the planet eater pm me
  10. VEL's Trade List

    would like to buy 3 blue phantom fields for 9 dts
  11. VEL's Trade List

    sorry sorry
  12. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    i would like to buy the chaos arms 0/50/0/50/50
  13. VEL's Trade List

    hello i would like to buy the areest needle with 50 hit for 8 dts
  14. VEL's Trade List

    hi i need a syncesta