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  1. Show your screenshots

    My first 90hit wep! its kinda usefull i guess for celestial fusions but sadly its not ToA
  2. B> Valentines Crate x 10 for 50 PDs or x5 for 25PDs PM me pls! 

  3. Gael Giel mags by Shisui

    very fast service for GG mag, thanks!
  4. Gael Giel mags by Shisui

    Hi, i need GG mag for Racast pls have D-core rdy
  5. Closed

    Added prices
  6. Black Screen of Death...?

    Lowering the resolution may help also disable UAC
  7. T> PDs for PTs  5:1 PM me pls (done)

  8. Home Sweet Home

  9. Music

  10. Converting Monster Parts Guidance

    Hi and welcome! This might help you: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=327
  11. T>desert eagle

    I have YASMINKOV 9000M [Charge] [0/30/0/0|35] if you are interested
  12. Price guide

    ~ 30-40 DTS It has 250% attributes stats the big question here is can you convert those 50% extra stats into hit% with DTs or not. The player whos buying it has to add 20hit and remove 50% atribut stats if not. You have to spend 40 DTs on a Panzer Faust with 80% stats to max out 2 stats of it. Spending DTs on PF with 80% is fine imo
  13. Fijne verjardag :D 

    1. Mystery


      Vielen Dank, Sir :D 

  14. B> STA

    1. wade1212


      I have one cheap, only 250 dt’s. 

    2. JanenbaDMS














    3. Howitzer
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    @Lipelis Big sniff soon
  16. T> Imm/Battle for Dark matter 

  17. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    @Piv This is perfect for your tipps and tricks guide
  18. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Thank you sooo much for this Jan. On Page 6 last sentence we have finally confirmation about IQ and Sync affecting mag invince trigger.
  19. Looking for someone to unseal SJS (Yes im lazy ppl) :D paying up to 20DTs.  (Done)

    Ill use it instead of IGR until then. Pm me if ur interested

    1. Howitzer


      Tbh I care about blue PB wave more otherwise im better of with dragon sword i know that ^^ 

    2. VEL(JP)


      ok, if you are free now, we can deal :)

    3. Howitzer


      Im in lobby

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  20. New Around Here

  21. Evolving Collection Of PSO Tips & Tricks

    I noticed Olga is more difficult to beat and Vel told me that Olga got buffed here. You deal wayy less dmg on Olga second face (Floor fight) maybe this is what ignoring of attribute % is referring to? Im not sure BUT we can see the stats of Olga changing here: http://psobb.epizy.com/database.php?type=5&i=2 (Just search for Olga flow and Olga second Phase) Olga second phase has same amount of HP, 3k+ more atp and 300 more dfp compared to its first face. So it seems just like a buff but maybe ignoring % is added too, who knows?
  22. S> Grave Digger 35ab 30hit (done)

    1. Maxweel


      thanks to you ;)

    2. Howitzer
  23. Evolving Collection Of PSO Tips & Tricks

    There is a usefull trick with UDC i want to mention. Using normal normal special combo twice in a row reduces HP to less than 12,5% (Df rdy). This way its not just much mo safe, it gives you alot of accuracy and you can hit all 6 special attacks. Downside of it is you reduce HP a littlebit slower than 3x special combo ofc but thats just worth it imo. Its very effective against bosses like sil dragon (you do normal normal special to make it sit and repeat instead of 3xspecial and make it sit on ur face) or Olga flow, first face of it you can hit 12 times total because it has 2 targets. Its also usefull on crowded quest like pts, to be a littlebit more safe and have max dmg output AOE
  24. Evolving Collection Of PSO Tips & Tricks

    If im wrong here and anyone has other informations, pls let me know
  25. Evolving Collection Of PSO Tips & Tricks

    Hi Piv, i can tell you by experience that GG mag with max sync definitely has higher invince trigger than Twin wraith for example. I played my whole psobb destiny career with twinwraith because i wasnt a big fan of GG BUT switched to GG for a few months now and i can tell the difference for sure since i play quest like 8-3 and pts alot. This is true for every vanilla mag i think. Here is a post i recently discovered after you were asking for it. https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/mag-trigger-effects.11621/ according to this post you have a chance up to 95% (60%+35%) with max sync on GG for invince. 95% prty much feels like 100% thats why im so sure about it because one can tell the difference between 60% and 95% even without any data backing it up.