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  1. Halloween 2018!

    Awesome guys. Now that's what I call a real custom PSO server ! Keep up the good work !
  2. Show your screenshots

    Please post screenshots when you do
  3. Show your screenshots

    Those stats would look better on the Stormrender, would they ? How good is this weapon to you guys ?
  4. Disgusting Behavior

    Why ? Why can't people just play. Wherever you want, with whoever you want ; no need to judge, diffame or shame. And for... what anyway ? Certainly not fame, money or panties, so I don't get it. By the way, this server is great. And so are the others. We can choose one, or pick them all. And I wanted to say : it's nice to have the choice, so thank you to everyone that makes this possible. Remember that PSO is already a grandpa, and all these servers are so many shiny canes that allow it to stay upright.
  5. Destiny v0.6.12

    Twin Sato... spins... say no more =D (I guess each sato doesn't spin separately right ? ^^)
  6. Summer Event 2018: Robotnik’s Plan B

    I suddenly... feel like login on ! *hype intensify* Great job team Destiny :3
  7. Dancing with a Merikle

    Merikle 1 Android 1 1 Rematch please

  9. x5 XP forever

    Don't forget to apply the change on the main page too https://playpso.net/ For the "Beginner friendly" part, to write x5/x10 instead of x3/x5 The more the people knows, the more they'll come (or something like that, you get the point)
  10. A Stunning end of the Xmas Event

    You guys are the best ! Week end pso for all !
  11. Show your screenshots

    @Shisui You may have found a PGF @Orgodemirk You may have found an Eternal Night... with hit *sob* But I got... A green winter hat and a lot of presents Ð:
  12. Shisui’s Meme And Screenshot Event - EXTENDED

    Oh maaan, let's say I pick Genesis Armor then.
  13. Shisui’s Meme And Screenshot Event - EXTENDED

    I give my reward away to whoever want it :Ð And I add a 10 PDs on top of it if anyone that didn't participate ask me
  14. forgot to introduce myself

    I think you just ended at the right place Ð: Anyway have a good life!
  15. Show your screenshots