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      Photon Token mini event   10/18/20

      Hi, since main event is delayed, we are gonna activate photon token drops while this month. it drops from all enemies, higher difficulty gets higher drop rate. you can add hit% on weapon with photon tokens in bazaar quest (EP2) 1photon token = 1hit%   For Japanese:   ENJOY!


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    Hey Gang! I'm looking for a few things; buying in DTs. Not sure on pricing, send me offers! Ancient Prophecy PB/Flow Immortal/HP Skyfall (0'd) Zu's Punishment (0'd) Elemental Shield Twin Cyclone (any, Hit preferred) Any of the below lvl 30 techs (only accepting lvl 30): Gifoie / Rafoie / Gizonde / Razonde / Rabarta / Shifta / Jellen