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  1. B> Ancient Prophecy

    Title. Pm me here or message me on discord. Thegmk#5690
  2. Hey all, Is it possible to go into an option menu to change the font setting? I'm playing this on a Surface 3 and the screen is rather small. I would love the option to choose a larger font to increase visibility.
  3. How Original is PSO?

    Not very. EDIT: Guys, I LOVE pso. It's probably my favorite story / environment / etc. It was just a joke that a silver blade is just called "Silver Blade" but in another language haha. Relax.
  4. Do the Special attack Megid shots from Mortal Ruin get increased hit% with V502/503? Additionally, what about Hit% on the actual weapon? Is it useful, or not, because it's technically a tech?

    1. Depassage


      Its megid 25 the only thing that can alter it is the use of Fonewearl as it will pierce. I don't think Hit is mandatory on it. it depends which enemy you're planning to attack.

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Price guide

    I would imagine with the inclusion of Kitetsu on this server, Red Sword is a harder sell, since it's unreduced seize and not unreduced arrest, but maybe worthwhile to a collector. 5-10 DTs?
  7. I'd love to get a few people together to hunt soon! I've played almost entirely solo here and I'm in dire need of teammates! 

    1. Never


       aaayyy ,  Im always willing to go on some hunts =)

  8. My buddy can't play Destiny PSO because bit locker blocks it as a virus. Does anyone know how to create an exemption for bit locker?
  9. Hey Gang! I'm looking for a few things; buying in DTs. Not sure on pricing, send me offers! Ancient Prophecy PB/Flow Immortal/HP Skyfall (0'd) Zu's Punishment (0'd) Elemental Shield Twin Cyclone (any, Hit preferred) Any of the below lvl 30 techs (only accepting lvl 30): Gifoie / Rafoie / Gizonde / Razonde / Rabarta / Shifta / Jellen
  10. HI all! Please PM me any offers you have. In the price guide, I saw these can go for between 5-15 PDs; 0% is fine with me.
  11. Show your screenshots

    PIV, HOLY COW, DUDE!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Item Combinations

    any chance you could add the level requirements on item combinations? I just found out I'm about 60 levels shy of being able to use my Cryo Warhead lmao!
  13. B> Robotnik's Plan B (DONE!)

    15 DT Please pm me if you have one!
  14. In-Game Currencies?

    Piv, you are my hero. Thank you very much!
  15. In-Game Currencies?

    I'm curious if there are some introductory guides here to all the different currencies, where to most commonly find them, and what their uses are. I'm quite familiar with most things PSO, but since this server has many new features, I wanted to know if there was a common location here to help me out! PD: Gallon's shop (and ES weapons, but I assume those are moot now?) PS: ^^ PT: Hit(?) on weapons(?) Specific quest, something about a bazaar? DT: to trade with players if I have them. Holiday/event items: (????) Are there any I'm missing? Is there a good location of which new quests will help give me things? I saw a picture in a random thread where you can spend 20 pds on a RL Calibur (50 in 3 spots???)
  16. Quality of Life Mods?

    Thank you all for the input! After playing for an hour, I don't even really hear it anymore, but I do appreciate all the good feedback!
  17. Quality of Life Mods?

    Hello! I started here back at launch and am going to start up again tonight! My question is: are there improved quality of life updates? Wide screen update with improved UI structure, UI resolution options, HP bars on mobs, drop checker, show weapon on pickup, etc. For what it's worth, I'm coming from Ephinea and would love to have some of those functions here, since I prefer Destiny PSO overall. If anything like these exist, would someone kindly direct me to the pages? Thank you!
  18. Quality of Life Mods?

    you are the bomb, my dude! One more question: the sound effects of the menu are really harsh on my headphones...I like that it's custom sounds, but is there any way to revert the menu sounds to the original PSO sounds?
  19. How Original is PSO?

    Guys, I LOVE pso. It's probably my favorite story / environment / etc. It was just a joke that a silver blade is just called "Silver Blade" but in another language haha. Relax.
  20. CLOSED

    Yeah sorry about that... re read topic after I commented lol.
  21. (CLOSED FOR NOW) B> Stuff / S> DTs

    I do! PM'd you.
  22. Hello! So I'm in the market for some stuff! My currency is in DTs only right now, so PM me your stuff and we'll talk prices. Wants: Claw of Elements - 4 DTs Luck Mats 20:1 DT Power Mats 30:1 DT D-Photon Core - 3 DTs IMMORTAL/POWER - 1 DTIMMORTAL/MIND - 1 DTIMMORTAL/ABILITY - 3 DTsIMMORTAL/ARMS - 2 DTsADEPT - 3 DTsV802 30pds - 4 DTsSTATE/MAINTENANCE - 3 DTs PCs - 10:1 DT Handgun: Guld - 3 DTs
  23. CLOSED

    Just curious about how much longer the auction is up for.
  24. Halloween Event 2017

    Holy moly! Time to DT for hit!!