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exchange of id!

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Mudei a identificação do meu personagem, mas o que eu digitei não ficou. Eu usei o comando para obter oran e só estava indo para viridia. Nenhuma outra identificação é alterada, apenas para virídios. Pode me ajudar?

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Next time please try to ask in English or it will be hard to help you D:
have you tried using the command /secionid 8 for oran and have then changed blocks?
it should work actually. i have changed my id like 5 times on this weekend and it works fine

these are the commands:


viridia: /sectionid 0
greenil: /sectionid 1
skyly: /sectionid 2
blueful: /sectionid 3
purplenum: /sectionid 4
pinkal: /sectionid 5
redria: /sectionid 6
oran: /sectionid 7
yellowboze: /sectionid 8
Whitill: /sectionid 9

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