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LFM - Looking for Materials

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I need HP mats, TP mats, and especially Mind mats.  What would be the most efficient way to farm these, and the best section ids for farming them?

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HP Material Episode I
1/1,14 Al Rappy Blue Full and Oran Normal the fake in yellow [side Story] The Fake in Yellow (47)

please note that materials from rare ennemies come one by one

and random materials from any ennemies can come 1-3

spamming VH quests like HOD2 in Very hard can be worthwhile and also note that the warp in dark falz arena prior to the fight warps you under the rock with an hidden box which sometimes can give 1 HP Material (the run itself to reach that point can take 18-25 min depending on your gear/level), finally HOD 2 can give you tokens and present while the event lasts


Walking Through Flames in ultimate has a machine at the end of the quest which will give you 2x Hp Mats when completing the quest.


TP Materials can be either found in specific crates from Valentine event, otherwise during the Christmas Event, Christmas Catastrophe becomes available to pick any mats possible after a run.

The other only way is to gather Lucky coins from Phantasmal World and Play The Roulette


Mind Mats Virdira Sky Greenill Purple

1/1,14 Al Rappy  Normal the fake in yellow [side Story] The Fake in Yellow (47)

World of Illusion can also provides materials random ( I don't think you can get TP Mats from there correct me if I'm wrong) minus the evasion and mind

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