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903 while downloading psobbw.exe

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I am a new player who is trying to patch the game to no avail.
Whenever the patching reaches the psobbw.exe file, at 99% the game gives me a 903 error.

I have tried:

-Reinstalling the game, twice.
-Launching the exe directly
-Using the launcher
-Patching thru the "download patch" option
-Patching by simply starting the game

The files are whitelisted and allowed to pass thru windows firewall as well.

I do not know what else to do or attempt.

Thank you for your time.

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try the following:


-add psobb.exe and psobb.exe to ur AV whitelist

-start the game and let it patch

-after it interrupts, check your destiny psobb folder were the exe is loacated

-look for a file called psobb.pat (There might be 2 files with the same name)

-delete both psobb.pat files

-Launch the game and let it patch

Hope this will solve it


otherwise u could also trying downloading these and retry:


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I tried both methods and nothing worked.
Every single  time, the second the psobbw.exe file is updated, it 903´s me without fail at 99%

I have even tried to uninstall my AV completely from my system and allow the game thru Windows Defender and did not work either.

Finally, i have unboxed my old PC i no longer use, installed it there and it has worked and patched.
Not sure why it refuses to install/update on my other machine but i guess it is no longer a problem.

Cheers, though.

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