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1 Donation Token = 10 Photon Drops = 2 Photon tokens

You can choose to pay with the full price or a mix of both Photon currency



MASTER RAVEN [40/50/0/0|40] 10 Dts or 100 Pds or 20 Pts

Gizonde 30 4DTs or 40 PDs or 8 Pts

YASMINKOV 9000M [0/0/0/0|50] No Special 15 Dts or 150 PDs or 30 PTs

HELL STRIKER [0/0/0/40|35] 10 Dts or 100 Pds or 20 PTs

Raygun [Seize] [45/0/0/50|55] 3.5 DTs (in Value) or  35 Pds or 7 PTs

SPREAD NEEDLE [0/30/20/0|30] [untekked] 15 DTs or 30 PTs or 150 PDs

GULD MILLA +60 [35/0/0/100|0]  7 DTs or 14 PTs or 70 PDs

YASMINKOV 7000V +25 [Hell] [50/0/0/40|80]  22DTs or 44PTs or 220 PDs


Stormrender 0'd (1xtime only) given away with any purchase


PDS/PTS/DTS and the following items :


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