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a small shop thread for small weird things I don't need. PM me or post here

if an item does not have a price, please leave an offer or pm me to work out a price together.

Gush Needle 20/40/0/20 - 5DTs
Daylight Scar 0/25/0/0/45 - 5DTs
Lavis Cannon 0/0/30/0 - 5PDs
S-Rank Slicer (Demons) - 12 DTs
Desert Eagle 0/0/40/40 - 10DTs
Charge Launcher x5 0/5/0/0/50 - 1pd each
Silence Claw 0/40/0/35/50 - 2pd

Congeal Cloak 4slot minstat - 4pds
Guard Wave x2 4slot minstat - 3pds
BOVN 3slot minstat - 3pds
Secret Gear - 2pds
Tripolic Reflector - 4pds
Attribute Wall  - 1pd
Striker Plus - 1pd
Yata Mirror - 1pd
v501 - 2pds
TP/Flow - 5DTs

S-beat's Arms x3 - 1pd each
P-Arm's Blade - 1pd
Delsaber Right+Left Arm x2 - 2pd each
Parts of Baranz x2 - 3pds each
Star Amplifier x2 - 2pds each

Heaven Striker Coat - 1pd
Rappy's Beak - 1pd

I have these spamming my bank. They're free, just ask. First come, first serve.

Charge Gatling x20 5/0/0/0/50

Accepted currencies:
DTs = 1:9pds
PCs = 3:1 pds
PSs = 1:80 Pds

Red Ring
D-Photon Core
Three Seals
Elemental Shield
Cursed Cloak 4slot
hit% Master Raven
Dark Matter

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shop update

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I have Dark Falz buster(45/0/0/45/0), Judgement blade(x/x/0/0/0) <----forgot exact stats, and RR. I'll meet up with you later to discuss trades

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