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Kulden's Odd Jobs/Gift Shop

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Grand Opening  2021-03-27

Odd Jobs is open

Odd Jobs, i put this in the marketplace because of the things i have to offer, but i will not charge you anything.  All i ask is that you pay it forward.

Im Kulden, i love to farm, doesn't matter if its for useful things or things people consider useless, thats all a matter of perspective.  If you want something farmed and are busy with real life or busy helping other people, or farming something that rarely drops, just ask me.  I would certainly love to help, just for the experience, doesnt matter what the job is. I will list off the things i can do for people as i unlock them, things like farming items for particular id's, changing monster parts, making mags, slotting armor, hunting rares, materials, grinders, leveling up, Daily Quest's, etc.  I will also list off what i have.  If you need something, just ask.  And again, i won't charge anything, all i ask is please don't be dishonest, and if you have an opportunity that doesn't leave you down and out, pay it forward.


2x Centurion/Power
1x Heavenly/Luck
1x Heavenly/Legs
1x V801
2x V501
2x God/Battle
1x Devil Technique


Anti Lv 5 x5
Resta Lv 15 x 3
Grants Lv 15
Grants lv 16
Megid Lv 16
Resta Lv 16
Resta Lv 18 x 3
Deband Lv 18
Shifta Lv 19
Resta Lv 19
Resta Lv 20
Resta Lv 21 x2
Grants Lv 22
Resta Lv 22
Megid Lv 24
Resta Lv 24
Shifta Lv24
Resta Lv 26
Resta Lv 30


23x Power Materials
59x Mind Materials
108x Evade Materials
18x HP Materials
98x Defense Materials
2x Luck Materials

Animal Parts

1x Sorcerer's Right Arm
4x S-Beat's Arms
1x P-arm's Arms
21x Dessaber's Right Arm
4x Delsaber's Left Arm
8x S-red's Arms
8x Dragon's Claw
4x Hildebear's Head
4x Hildeblue's Head
1x Belra's Right Arm
8x Gi Gue's Body
1x Sinow Berill's Arms
10x Grass Assassin's Arms
10x Booma's Right Arm
4x Gobooma's Right Arm
2x Gigobooma's Right Arm
5x Rappy's Wing

Special Items

2x Magic Stone "Iritista"
22x magic rock "Moola"
7x Star Amplifier
2x Parts of Egg Blaster
34x AddSlot
75x Flower Bouquet

Mag Cells

1x Heart of Angel
1x Heart of Devil
1x Panther's Spirit
6x Heaven Striker Coat
2x Ideya Cell
2x A New Friend
2x Pandora's Box
13x Dragon Tear

Kaladbolg 0/0/0/25/0
Kaladbolg 0/0/35/0/0
Galatine 0/35/0/0/0
Galatine 0/40/0/0/0
Dragon Slayer 0/0/20/0/25
Dragon Slayer +17 15/0/0/0/20
Cross Scar 0/0/20/0/20
Cross Scar 40/0/0/25/20
Cross Scar 15/0/0/0/35
Cross Scar 30/0/30/0/20
Diska of Liberator 35/0/0/0/25
Diska of Braveman 0/20/0/0/25
Diska of Braveman 30/0/30/0/30
Diska of Braveman 0/30/0/0/30
Diska of Braveman 35/0/0/0/30
L&K14 Combat 60/0/0/35/0
L&K14 Combat 0/0/5/0/20
Stag Cutlery 0/15/20/0/0
Stag Cutlery 0/0/35/0/0
Soul Banish 0/0/0/20/0
Holy Ray 30/0/20/0/0
Inferno Bazooka 20/0/25/0/0
Lavis Cannon 0/0/35/0/0
Lavis Cannon 0/0/0/30/0
Red Saber 20/25/35/0/0
Red Saber 20/0/0/0/20
Red Saber 0/10/15/0/0
Monkey King Bar 30/20/15/0/0
Girasole 0/35/0/0/35
Red Sword 0/25/0/15/0
Red Partisan 15/0/0/0/0
Red Slicer 0/0/235/0/0
Red Handgun 15/5/20/0/0
Red Handgun 15/25/0/10/0
Frozen Shooter 0/30/0/0/0
Twin Psychogun 20/0/0/0/0
Yamato 0/0/25/0/0
Guilty Light 0/0/40/0/25
Red Scorpio 0/50/0/0/0
Flowen's Sword 20/30/0/0/0
Demolotion Comet 0/0/30/0/0
Demolition Comet 10/25/25/0/0
Demolition Comet 30/0/20/0/0
Demolition Comet 35/0/0/20/0
Demolition Comet 0/0/0/35/0
Hell Striker 0/0/0/0/0
Daylight Scar 0/0/25/20/0


Custom Frame Ver .00 Slot-0 6/3
Guard Wave Slot-0 19/12
Sacred Cloth Slot-0 0/4
Star Cuirass Slot-0 0/0
Star Cuirass Slot-0 0/0
Tempest Cloak Slot-0 0/0
Tempest Cloak Slot-0 0/8
Alliance Uniform Slot-0 10/0
Alliance Uniform Slot-0 10/0
X-Parts ver3.10 Slot-0 


DB's Shield 0/0
Striker Plus 0/0
Energy Storm


Edit: if i don't have whats on the list for whatever reason, i will find one for you, or find someone who has one to give.  ill pay for it for my mistake.

This will be updated frequently as i add and give things, if i don't get it updated before the list changes and you need that item, i will do what i can to get it for you.  

In case im not on as Kulden, my other chars are: Culden, Zyria, Pentagoth

Edited by Kulden

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Edited my buy/sell thread to something different, bumping this so people can see since editing this note hasn't shown up on the side. 

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Edit: if i don't have whats on the list for whatever reason, i will find one for you, or find someone who has one to give.  ill pay for it for my mistake.

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