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Found 2 results

  1. B> RAmarl gear for DTs only

    WEAPONS: Spread Needle w/20+hit > 2-10 Hell Striker w/20+hit > 2-10 ETC: Proof of Sonic Team > 1 15 Power Mats > 1 5 Luck Mats > 1 If you have anything else that I could be interested in, please let me know. Always willing to discuss price on anything. ???? Please PM me or post below, thanks! ????
  2. Spent a while going over all the forum patchnotes/mainpage and asking a few questions and this is what I have: (Help: Does anyone know how to make spoilers) If anyone knows anymore information then please post and I'll update topic. Combinations: Double Cannon + Dark Matter: Ultimate DC Yamigarisu + Dark Matter: Nightmare Spread Needle + Dark Matter: Hell Needle Spirit Garment + Dark Matter: Behemoth Armour Proof of Sonic Team +Spread Needle: Arrest Needle Ultimate DC: Double Saber ATP: +1k Targets: 3 Special: Ultimate Destruction Judgement Blade: Twin Sword ATP: +920 Grind: +40 Special: Demons Targets: 3 Planet Eater: Twin Sword ATP: +400I Grind: +165 Special: Beserk Twins Gladius: Double Saber ATP: 150 Grind:? Special: Gush? Targets: 3 Twin Pallasch: Double Saber Atp: ??? Grind:??? Special?? Targets: 3 Tiger's Fang + Dragons Claw: Twin Sword ATP: ??? Grind: ??? Special Gush Oblivion: Sword (Hammer) ATP: +800-830 Grind: +60 Special: Charge Kitsetsu: Katana (6strike) ATP: +900-920 Grind: +30 Special: Arrest Targets: 3 Mitsunari: Katana (6strike) ATP: +900-920 +30 Grind Targets: 3 Claw of Elements: Claw ATP: +700 Grind: +100 Special: Spirit Boosts: Gibarta/zonde techs 90% / Gifoie 60% Armageddon: Mechguns ATP: +25 Grind: +60 Special: Auto-Target-Charge Desert Eagle: Mechgun ATP: +185 Grind: +80 Special: Long Range Piecre Sex: Male Mystic Spirit: Mechgun ATP: 185 Grind: +80 Special: Long Range Piece Sex: Females Grave Digger: Launcher ATP: +400-460 Grind +9 Special: Demons Range: Shot Speed: Needle Combustion Cannon: Flamethrower ATP+720 Special: Overdrive Glide Divine S: Rod Boosts: Grants 60% Range: 3x Zalure Other: Megid Piece Glide Divine X: Rod Boosts: Si 60% Death Cannon: ???? Special: Charge ATP: 400 Grind: 36 Exterminator: ????? ATP: +180 Grind: +145 Special: ???? Unknown Info: INFERNO BLADE SUBZERO WEALTHY DESERT EAGLE NIGHTMARE DARK FALZ BUSTER TORMENTOR DRAGON SWORD BIG ASS GUN FROSTBITE HELL STRIKER AENSLAND BOONDOCK SAINTS DEATH REAPER SCRAMBLED EGG BLASTER TWIN NEI CLAW SWORD OF DESPAIR SOUL BITER KEZIA'S BERETTA Units V802 MST:+80 Tech Speed: +100% Centurion/Power: ATP: +75 Centurion/Mind: MST: +75 Centurion/Legs: EVP: +75 Centurion/Body: DFP: +75 Centurion/Arm: ATA: +35 Centurion/HP: HP: +??? Centurion/Luck: Luck: +60 Immortal/Power: ATP: +125 Immortal/Arms: ATA: +50 Immortal/Mind: MST: +125 Immortal/Legs: EVP: +125 Immortal/Body: DFP: + 125 Immortal/HP: HP: +???? Immortal/Luck: LCK: +90 Immortal/Ability: ATP: +40 DFP: +40 MST: +40 ATA: +4 EVP: +40 LCK: +40 Immortal/Battle: Speed: ???? PB/Flow: Significant boost to PB? HP/Flow: Significant boost to HP? TP/Flow: Significant boost to TP? Mags: Nights Cell: Ideya Cell Req: Lvl 50 Twin Sato Cell: A new Friend Req: Sato Dark Chao Cell: Heart of Dark Chao Req: Lvl 50 Twin Wraith 3x Invilcibility 60% Activation Cell:Pandora's Box Req: Lvl 50 Coelum Cell: Dragon Tear Req: Lvl 50 Shields /Armour: