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  1. Game Crashes every 1-3 minutes

    Moving from wifi to LAN did not resolve the issue. The update after an event ended fixed it, but now with the Halloween event in full swing, I am back to having the same issue.
  2. Price guide

    I am assuming you mean DTs and not PDs.
  3. Price guide

    Out of curiosity, what does a PGF and Ratholos Great Sword go for currently?
  4. Game constantly crashes

    I will try that later and see if it works
  5. Game constantly crashes

    If I had a cable I would, but I do not own an ethernet cable to do as much.
  6. Game constantly crashes

    I have done all of those already
  7. Game constantly crashes

    Running the XP version does not seem to make any difference.
  8. Game constantly crashes

    Also I run off my own wifi not off of my phone so I guess a VPN.
  9. Game constantly crashes

    I do not run advanced effects already. I randomly crash at any point to anything or nothing. My OS is Windows 10 v1903. I do not play full screen as my computer won't load it at full screen. I can run the game on 1366 x 768, 640 x 480, and 800 x 600. Everything else doesn't work. I have also tried turning off music and sounds, all three fog effects, frame skip is on auto, low res texture, V-sync doesn't work, and colors at both 16 and 32 bit. Graphics are turned all the way down as well.
  10. Game constantly crashes

    I used to run Discord back when it would crash once or twice randomly, then it would work just fine for the day. Now it just crashes on its own. It doesn't matter if I have anything else open or not.
  11. Game constantly crashes

    So I cannot stay in the game now longer than maybe 3 minutes. I have added everything I needed to in the DEP settings. I have whitelisted the entire file and allowed everything through my firewall. I have tried turning off my firewall to try and run the game. I have tried altering all to settings in the launcher to see what would and would not play on my laptop. I have run compatibility tests on the launcher and tried all of the settings it will allow me to select. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I would like to find out what else I could possible do to make the game function.