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  1. Free ID and exp rate × 10!

    Hi all, we activated freesection ID and exp rate x10 from now. time to lvl your chars and hunt stuffs this will end in 2 weeks, enjoy! /sectionid #"#" is a number between 0-90 Viridia1 Greenil2 Skyly3 Blueful4 Purplenum5 Pinkal6 Redria7 Oran8 Yellowboze9 Whitill
  2. Please read in-game/forum rules carefully if you haven't read it yet.


    We treat players as they've read rules already. In other word, 'i didn't know rules, sorry' won't be a reason to evade any punishment. (Staffs can check any suspicious movements easily.)

    In worst case, you'll lose your in-game items or even your account. could be without warning if you abused enough.

    Thanks for understanding! :)

  3. Tips: How to hunt PGF efficiently

    it's government quest. you need to unlock it from 5-1(temple) to 8-3(seabed).
  4. hello, since mini event is over, now time to hunt PGF i think step1: unlock 8-3 with HUneweal/HUcast/HUcaseal/RAcast I'd recommend you to do it with your friends. step2: grab some items that you will need to run 8-3. here is list of items. you can skip some of them. -Set up for HU Twin Cyclone / Ultimate Double Cannon Hell Striker/NIghtmare Last Emperor / Twin Blaze Shadow Cloak / Blue Phantom Field V802 / Immortal/Battle / V503 / State/maintenance PB/FLOW Eternal Night / Dark Flow / Mitsunari / Celestial Fusion / Last Swan (Xmas Spirit) / Storm Render / Hell J Cutter -Set up for RA Hell Striker/Hell Needle/Hell Type M shot Final Egg Blaster/D-VIRUS LAUNCHER/Grave Digger (to remove traps) Twin Blaze/Ancient Prophecy/Zalure S rank Gun/Comb Cannon/Armageddon/Heaven Striker Snow Queen/Froozen Shooter (Frost Bite) Xparts/Dynasty Armor/Shadow Cloak Blue Phantom Field /2nd anniv wings step3: learn spawns and just spam this quest. (solo) what you can get other than PGF: Viridia: RPF (skyly has much better rate.) Skyly: RPF/Twin Blaze Yellow: Nothing (Card/Common weps) Purp: Nothing White: Soul Biter/Grave Digger Red: Shadow Cloak good luck
  5. Show your screenshots

    finally... 5th one 19/20 49/50
  6. Show your screenshots

    solo GVD (spaceship area) with casino baranz is fun
  7. [SOLO] Char: Racast Quest: Mine offensive Weapon: Heaven Striker M%(or something high M% weapon that can penetrate high DFP) Comb Cannon or Power maser (to shot your CT. comb works to sweep up mobs around you also.) Snow Queen or Froozen Shooter Demon Yasminkov 9000k you don't need so much hit/attribute on your wep, you just need to penetrate high DFP of casino baranz. good luck. (sorry for super delayed SE, i can't handle it ) [4Players] Chars: RAct, RAct, RAmar and FO Quest: Mine offensive video will come soon (prolly) need to split in mid of run to spam faster. x50 casino baranz/15mins
  8. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    well i'm thinking same thing about 2nd wings and DFB (DFB doesn't work for TAing tho lol). prolly, there are 2 opinions to make rule more clearly. 1.only 5 AEs exist. but there are some anniv wings, so just ban AE. 2.unobtainable stuffs should be banned. in this case anniv wing, DFB and AE. i'd like to take 2 rather than 1 for new players. it costs a lot to buy wings also. fortunetely we have BPF and that tech boost works better than j/resta in TA. about user custom wep, i'm ok if it's banned for TA. i got h100 custom skinned UDC as user custom weapon, but personality i want to play with same regulation (h80 one). this means i don't want to beat others(h80 users) with custom weapon. even if it has same stats same special, some of players may think it's unfair unless it has 0 to 80h. crate one is ok imo since everyone has same chance.
  9. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    it's depend on how we define the TA rule. and i meant only alpha testers could get AE as prize from magic (iirc), ofc other players could get it through trading. (it's unreal way now tho.) at least 99.9% of players don't have a chance to use AE and it's pretty close to unobtainable. it sounds unfair to me tbh, but as i said it won't be big problem for now since others aren't trying that TA and RAct can use boondock. thus i think you don't need to redo now unless someone else is trying solo ROCT TA with RAct. just my opinion.
  10. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    Nice run, shisui. never thought it's doable with RAcast + j/z Is alpha eagle allowed for TA? i think there are only a few players (for alpha testers only) who have that gun. even w/o Alpha it wouldn't be a serious problem since RA has nice mechguns already, though.
  11. VEL's Sell/Trade List

    updated, long time no see.
  12. VEL's Sell/Trade List

    if you are interested in something, plz PM me. (日本語ok) 1st come 1st served. PM ONLY 1Donation Token(DT) = 10Photon Drops(PDs) = 2Photon Tokens(PTs) GC: 42000915 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRADE LIST: WANTS: thanks for looking this list. not selling low-pds items for now, sorry. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Tips: How to hunt PGF efficiently

    i'm not TAing hell rng shit w/o quest timer, sorry.
  14. Tips: How to hunt PGF efficiently

    here is sample video from 2019 12/31 (nightmare got buffed during 2019 xmas) forgot last emperor and not good plan other chars (HUct/HUcl/RAct) can run as fast as this. PS: Edited 1st post as well.
  15. Show your screenshots

  16. Destiny v0.69.420 (april fools)

    Best dark flow ever
  17. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    thanks maybe we can improve more since some new gears were added haha
  18. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    to bump this thread i'll just post (feel free to post your good time here, everyone ) this run is from 2019 january 18 btw lol Team: @Alt @VEL Quest : Beyond the Veil Time : 12:26 classes : HUcast Hunewearl NOPB
  19. Government Quest 8-3 Hunewearl

    gl for TA'ing 8-3
  20. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    1.luck mat has just redbox skin/yellow txt here. rate is same as vanilla and you can hunt them easily from normal la dimenian. (ep2) 2.it's not bug. only admin knows the reason.
  21. B>Lavis H90+ / H90+ stuffs etc

  22. B>Lavis H90+ / H90+ stuffs etc

    i know this will take for a long. Looking for: Something interesting and useful stuffs from crate with H90+ (not looking for useless ones like Inferno blade h90 Psycho wand h90 etc ) if you found and willing to sell, let me know with your price/offer/wants Especially looking for Lavis Cannon/Blade hit90+, Raygun H90+, and Twin cyclone H90+ (i got 0/0/100/100/80 one and can do this + something also) what i can offer: Hit80 weps (this means your H90+ one for my 80hitter + DTs or something) Dark Flow 100/0/0/100/50 Double Fury 0/0/100/100/80 (or i can offer Lavis Storm 100/100/0/0/80 as well if you can sell lavis) ILL GILL REAPER 0/0/50/50/60 100/100/0/0/80 Arctic Faust 100/0/0/100/80 Cryo warhead *4 SOUL DEVOURER 0/0/35/100/35 Skyfall *6 2nd Anniv wings Donation tokens (~300) etc i'll pay pretty well for good lavis. thanks.
  23. Show your screenshots

    found a blue ID card during MAS2 crate farming... BLUEFULL CARDUl Gibbon 1/33613,45
  24. if anyone gonna ask for 1st-time redeem to me, check 'About Me' tab in my page, thanks. https://playpso.net/forums/profile/481-vel/?tab=field_core_pfield_1

    1. Lipelis


      Since I also completed that section recently, I just noticed that About Me section is not available to other users...

      For example your link redirect to your regular profile page : l

    2. VEL(JP)


      oh, didn't notice that :( thanks lip.

  25. B>Lavis H90+ / H90+ stuffs etc

    not selling it for pds/pts/ps/dts now, sorry.