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  1. x5 XP forever

    I'm happy with the permanent x5 exp...from my point of view I think it's a good idea because I've played this game so many years now being able to lvl chars quickly is a big help 👍. It's been a great event and thanks for extending it...it's helped me lvl a few chars to ult.
  2. A Stunning end of the Xmas Event

    Wow it's like Xmas all over again ...I will be making the most of this while it lasts...cheers guys
  3. What are your PSO Goals?

    I don't really have any PSO goals per say...I just like playing PSO ( played since Dreamcast days ). I can't explain why but there's just something about this game that keeps me playing it after all these years. I like what you guys have done here...adding exclusive weapons armours etc...really cool and gives the game a new lease of life. Anyway these days I just play casually and for the fun of it and for nostalgia...I honestly don't think I've played a game as much as PSO so I guess that makes me a PSO addict!
  4. Show your screenshots

    Wow cg on the PGF...must have been your lucky day ;-)
  5. Giving away my things (Leaving)

    I'd love the COMBUSTION CANNON if that's ok :-)
  6. Last Day of the year mini event

    Thanks for the 10x xp rate...as a new player on Destiny it helped a lot to get lvled up to decent level to hunt better equipment. Also found some nice Xmas presents along the way so win win :-)
  7. «・CLOSED・»

    Sorry couldn't make it by the time you replied here...I'm available anytime for the next 4-5 hours so If your on just msg me...my Char name is Electra.
  8. «・CLOSED・»

    Hi, Any chance I could have 1 each of your 50hit charge Calibur, 50 hit Charge Gatling, 45 hit charge arms and finally 50 hit charge Gungnir. Happy to give a couple of PD's for those items.