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  1. X5 XP

    All 9 of us will appreciate this gift from you
  2. Trials of dw

    Soloing with just vanilla units and weps? That's just suicide. You know the monsters here are buffed... specifically to be using the custom made weps n armor...... try soloing Olga and shambi with vanilla weps when everyone isn't even fully matted yet. I think u should wait on this.
  3. Miz's Misery Mall

    How much for combust cannon?
  4. Halloween Event 2017

    Sweet thanks guys. I know you all worked hard on this
  5. Angrod's Shop

    How much is the yamigarisu?
  6. Server Q&A

    Do u think we could get lobby music? Like good lobby music and not always video game music? Tired of hearing the SA theme and SA2 theme. Let's have some variety
  7. Zwene´s Shop

    I'll buy
  8. Zwene´s Shop

    How much is the hell laser?
  9. Angrod's Shop

    also the madu?
  10. Angrod's Shop

    how much is the def mats and ev mats, v501, and tripolic reflect?
  11. B> various things

    oh dear god yes message me asp
  12. B> various things

    hi everyone first buying topic and im looking for various things. unfortunatly i will only be paying in dts as im short on pds atm v502 - its 5 pds but ill pay 1dts for it 1 adept - 3dts 86 pow mats - 2dts kitetsu any stats - 2dts 118 def mats - 6pds but ill pay 1dt for it grave digger perferably with hit - 1dt for blank and more if have decent hit 95 evp mats 5 pds but ill pay 1dt for it immortal ability - 2dts spread needle - blank 1dt but if hit more heart of dark chao - 1dt Centurion arms - 1dts
  13. B> various things

    unfort i dont need one anymore but if its better than the one i have now ill buy
  14. Selling Some finds

    And I'll throw in my only two PDs f
  15. Selling Some finds

    I'll buy the c power and the kitetsu for for a dt(sorry I don't have a lot of PDs on me and I have to resort to dt)
  16. «・CLOSED・»

  17. «・CLOSED・»

    Might I have the charge arms if possible and twin brand?
  18. hi everyone.

    Hello everyone! im new here and trying to get adjusted atm. i recently came from ultima. hoping to meet new people and make new friends. if your looking for me im playing as my character purplehaze. if u have the chance wave or say hi. ill hi yah back lol. happy hunting everyone!
  19. hi everyone.

    ty all. gonna suck doing this all over again but for the sake of hunting new rares that actually look really cool ill do it. ill be staying for the long run!
  20. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Just a shot in the dark here but is it possible we can get some unique attack animations for hunewearl? Specifically for claw and daggers? I love those wep category but it sucks that there combos are hard to get off without getting hit during the combo. I was hoping we can get something completely unique to her or at the very least, shared with hucaseal. Also if possible that we can get a dual animation for claw weps like heart of poumn? You have to excuse me. I love claws but it sucks that they....kinda suck on pso