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  1. gl to the team

    Sorry it seems things didn't work out here. take care though.
  2. Destiny v0.6.7 patchnotes

    This is honesty one of the major changes I'd been waiting for and might start playing again just cause of it. ty Now if we can get full dressing room my ocd about how I make characters look will go away lol
  3. Well I'm on 10 actually. The issue seems to be fixed though. I just uninstalled everything and reinstalled it after restarting everything. Don't really know what was all going wrong still though.
  4. I'm getting this message for whatever reason when I go to use the launcher. It was working just fine those few hours ago when I made my account and grabbed my twin gladius. The game did drop a few times on me for whatever reason when I went to buy antidotes for mag feeding.